Daedalic Entertainment opens new Munich office

Bavarian branch is publisher's third in Germany, former Klonk Games team hired to work on new title from Deponia creator

By James Batchelor

Develop:Brighton reshuffle spreads main conference over three days

Meanwhile, sister event Evolve will become an individual track at the July gathering

By James Batchelor

Rare's voyage into uncharted waters with Sea of Thieves

Studio head Craig Duncan and executive producer Joe Neate discuss Rare's approach to its first service-based game

By Haydn Taylor

David Gaider leaves Beamdog after two years

Former BioWare writer departs for new projects, studio teases possible future material

By James Batchelor

Hyper casual in the capital: The growth of Gram Games London

Co-founder Kaan Karamanci shares how the mobile developer will build on its UK studio's early successes

By James Batchelor

Stugan opens 2018 applications

Swedish accelerator once again inviting developers to spend two months in a cabin creating innovative new games

Viacom Next VR/AR studio shuts down

Developer of Smash Party and Transformers: Cade's Junkyard axed as part of larger layoffs at Viacom

By Brendan Sinclair

Building MechWarrior Online

Piranha Games was among the first wave of Western studios with free-to-play hits, but it was there by necessity, not by design

By Brendan Sinclair

Sunless Skies sales lead to Failbetter Games layoffs

Developer says Early Access RPG sold 15% of what Sunless Seas managed in comparable span; Fundbetter Games program discontinued

By Brendan Sinclair

NCsoft posts another year of record-breaking growth

Slight declines in mobile aren't enough to ruin the show as online PC games enjoy a strong quarter

By Ben Parfitt

E3 2018 specifies industry-only hours as public tickets return

Games industry professionals will get early entry to the show floor, Gamer Pass goes on sale next week

By James Batchelor

Quantic Dream labels claims of toxic conditions as "smear campaign"

UPDATE: Council of Paris investigating public funds awarded to studio, and considering tighter regulations for companies that do not care for staff

By James Batchelor

Viz Media turns games publisher with three-game indie partnership

"Gaming is as much an engine for storytelling as animation or the written word," the firm tells

By James Batchelor

New studio Lunar Great Wall will also teach games development

Italian start-up's Claudio Giacopazzi tells us how the team will balance creation and education

By James Batchelor

Pillars of Eternity II director on Obsidian's shift from studio-for-hire to building its own IP

Working on your own IP is "less about the freedom and more about the institutional knowledge to understand what the IP is"

By Haydn Taylor

Tranzfuser 2018 competition now open

Government-funded student contest aims to help UK graduates break into the industry

PUBG Corp prepares to introduce new anti-cheat solution as total bans exceeds 2.5m

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds bans one million cheaters in January alone

By Haydn Taylor

Subnautica developer fired over "many hateful statements"

Sound designer Simon Chylinski dropped from underwater survival game after history of insensitive tweets

By James Batchelor

Layoffs at Capcom Vancouver

30% of studio laid off as Dead Rising developer reportedly sees one project cancelled, another has scope reduced

By Brendan Sinclair

Gamevil and Com2us merge in the US

Mobile companies combine to focus efforts in North America

By James Batchelor

Encouraging charity with Don-Ay, the first 'donation game'

Italian developer Affinity Project talks us through its mobile endless runner that enables players to help save real-world animals

By James Batchelor

NetEase to build online games with Improbable's SpatialOS tech

Partnership expected to lead to Improbable opening new office in China

"It's hard to put in words how life-changing blockchain technology will be"

EverdreamSoft plans to demonstrate the new tech's power by enabling players to sell - and more importantly own - in-game cards

By James Batchelor

Jobs lost as Nexon America restructures

But publisher insists there's no significant impact to overall workforce, layoffs unrelated to struggling Lawbreakers

By James Batchelor

Trailmix aims to reinvent casual games - with a little help from Supercell

Backed by $4.2m from Supercell, King veterans Carolin Krenzer and Tristan Clark will push toward a richer and more meaningful take on casual gaming

By Matthew Handrahan

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