Sections partners with Unity to offer funding to developers

Mail.Ru Games Ventures is also offering tech, marketing and analytics support

Harebrained Schemes parts ways with designer accused of sexual harassment

Battletech developer conducted internal investigation after multiple women came forward

By Rebekah Valentine

Bad Robot, Tencent team up to open new dev studio

Bad Robot Games will create 'large and indie-scale original games' for PC, consoles, mobile; WBIE on board as minority investor

By Brendan Sinclair

Monolith Soft opens Iidabashi studio

Operation began this month, joining developer's Tokyo headquarters and Kyoto studio

By Rebekah Valentine

Fast Travel Games: "Think long and hard on free locomotion in VR"

Once seen as carrying too high a risk of motion sickness, Erik Odeldahl now believes that free movement in VR is too popular to leave out

By Matthew Handrahan

Yves Guillemot: We're approaching the final console generation

Ubisoft boss believes that video games will transition to streaming in a matter of years

By James Batchelor

Steam Store to allow everything that isn't illegal or trolling

Company takes a laissez faire approach to curation, promises improved user filters instead

By Rebekah Valentine

How can indies build their brand?

With so many indie games unlikely to spawn sequels, what can developers to do to carry interest over to their future proejcts?

By Brendan Sinclair

Steam "might have killed our business"

Developers behind mature visual novels describe the "chilling effect" of ad hoc game removals and Valve's radio silence

By Rebekah Valentine

Indiegogo confirms debt collectors will recoup crowdfunding money for ZX Spectrum Vega+

Crowdfunding platform says Retro Computers Ltd failed to meet requirements for mid-June extension

By James Batchelor

Paradox Interactive acquires Harebrained Schemes for at least $7.5 million

BattleTech developer will maintain current creative and management teams, gain financial support

By Rebekah Valentine

Onrush: The shooter-inspired racer that saved the Evolution team

Two years on from Sony's shock decision to close the Driveclub developer, the team is back with a title that aims to reinvent the genre

By James Batchelor

What makes Dark Souls work?

Why I Love: Over the Moon's John Warner examines how From Software's modern classic invites players to make themselves at home

By John Warner

How Minit's team found creativity through limitations

The indie title's four developers discovered freedom within its restrictions, and made a game "without stressing the hell out"

By Rebekah Valentine

Keywords Studios secures €105m credit for yet more acquisitions

New revolving credit agreement arranged with three banks as firm reviews "strong pipeline of acquisition candidates"

By James Batchelor

Apple deprecates support for OpenGL

iOS developers encouraged to use Metal rather than OpenGL or its successor, Vulkan

By Rebekah Valentine

The Podcast: E3 Expectations (2018 Edition)

Download now for our best bets on what we can expect to see next week and how the biggest games firms can most impress the industry

By James Batchelor

Microsoft acquires GitHub for $7.5 billion

Windows and Xbox maker says software development platform will continue to operate independently and support any OS, cloud, or device

By Brendan Sinclair

Deep UX: The last "Here Be Dragons" area of modern game development

IT Territory's Alexsandr Enin on embracing negative, emotional feedback to boost HAWK's already high retention

By Aleksandr Enin

Indiegogo extends deadline for ZX Spectrum Vega+ as June shipping date announced

Retro Computers Ltd "still determined to deliver the Vega+" despite ongoing dispute with former project leads

By James Batchelor

Square Enix Montreal abandons Go series, will continue work on mobile

Studio head cites rising quality of free mobile games, shrinking audience for pay-up-front titles

By Rebekah Valentine

Why Platinum Games may never work with a publisher again

Co-founders Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba discuss the acclaimed studio's self-funded future and determination to own its IP

By James Batchelor

Unity and Universal reveal GameDev Challenge finalists

Six shortlisted concepts include two Back To The Future games and a BattleStar Galactica shooter

PUBG vs Fortnite: Let the market decide

A court case in South Korea revives the old question of whether a game concept deserves legal protection - but 'clone wars' should be settled in the market, not the courtroom

By Rob Fahey

The Elder Scrolls: Legends development switched to Sparkypants Studios

Transition away from Dire Wolf Studios will include new client, UI, and visuals, same game design

By Rebekah Valentine

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