Decline appears in number of games certified for UK tax relief

87 titles received final certification so far in 2018, down from over 100 last year

By James Batchelor

Frostkeep Studios is serious about making "the game that players want" with Rend

CEO Jeremy Wood on bringing MMO design, Blizzard philosophy, and community focus to the survival genre

By Rebekah Valentine

Elon Musk adding Atari classics to Tesla software, wants original games for car display

Billionaire reveals Tempest, Missile Command and Pole Position coming in next four week - with the latter controlled by steering wheel

By James Batchelor

Crackdown and confidentiality: Sumo Digital's approach to AAA development

The UK studio discusses handling coveted IP and why it's not afraid of missing out on the limelight

By James Batchelor

From failed Kickstarter to career-defining success: The story of Pony Island

Daniel Mullins discusses how he bounced back from failure to create "the smartest game of 2016"

By Haydn Taylor

New multiplayer outsourcing studio opens in the UK

Nottingham-based The Multiplayer Guys staffed by team behind Terratech multiplayer and one of the first Xbox Live games

By James Batchelor

ArtCraft hits $20 million in funding for Crowfall MMO

Ambitious new game has reached that total through a mix of crowdfunding and traditional investment

By Matthew Handrahan

BAFTA Crew program adds 174 new members

Total number of Crew members rises to 267 for 2018-19

Playground Games hires BioWare, EA Motive and Rocksteady talent for upcoming RPG

Forza Horizon developer also welcomes developers from Ninja Theory, Guerrilla Games and more to second studio

By James Batchelor

Empires & Puzzles: Disrupting the biggest market with the smallest team

CEO Timo Soininen discusses the importance of mid-development marketing and defying the “so-called industry experts”

By James Batchelor

SpecialEffect aims for £500,000 with One Special Day 2018

Sega, Rovio, Seriously, Codemasters and more already on board as industry charity ramps up fundraising target

By James Batchelor

Microsoft invests $500,000 in coding and tech training for students of colour

Firm's support will open Seattle chapter for Black Girls Code and boost Technology Access Foundation's STEM program

By James Batchelor

The business case for a streaming Xbox

Microsoft may be experimenting with streaming as a full-parity option for the next generation of Xbox - question marks remain over tech, but the commercial case is sound

By Rob Fahey

$50m Netease investment will help Improbable realise dream of “trillion dollar games industry”

Tech firm's CEO Herman Narula tells us how this partnership will unlock China for SpatialOS - and any developers that use it

By James Batchelor

EA open to cross-platform playability for Battlefield, other key franchises

Publisher also eyeing Fortnite's success as a model for future free-to-play mobile releases

By Rebekah Valentine

Dead Cells dev Motion Twin touts equal pay system

All 11 employees at French studio have identical salary, same say in project direction

By James Batchelor

Denuvo investigation reportedly leads to arrest for games pirate Voksi

However, Bulgarian cracker claims he voluntarily went to police, reached out to DRM firm for “peaceful solution”

By James Batchelor

No Man's Sky Next reaches over 50,000 concurrent players

Hello Games' space exploration game sees resurgence after a 200k+ concurrent user peak at launch

By Rebekah Valentine

The chart-topping return of Dontnod Entertainment

CEO Oskar Guilbert discusses the Life Is Strange studio's growth and the stories it can tell beyond games

By James Batchelor

Epic Games worth $8 billion following Fortnite success

Battle Royale boost also means CEO and founder Tim Sweeney is now a billionaire

By James Batchelor

Knock Knock raises $2 million in seed funding

Startup aims to develop games playable through messaging apps

By Rebekah Valentine

Studio Pixel Punk: Getting diversity right means going beyond "good intentions"

At the BIG Festival, the Brazilian indie dev explained the importance of subtlety and "study" in moving past LGBT stereotypes

By Matthew Handrahan

The Careers Survey 2018: Lower pay but less crunch

We break down the results of our second annual study on the games jobs market, which shows an industry improving its conditions and increasing its efforts in equality

By James Batchelor

James Ohlen: Anthem failure won't mean the end of BioWare

Long-serving designer also disputes "conspiracy theories" that EA is driving studio away from story-driven RPGs

By James Batchelor

Raiders of the Broken Planet going free-to-play less than a year after launch

MercurySteam's online shooter also rebranding as Spacelords as of August 23rd, director says episodic model “didn't work as planned”

By James Batchelor

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