Nintendo seeking startups to improve Switch hardware

Platform holder teams up with Scrum Ventures to source new add-ons and technology for hybrid console

By James Batchelor

What Remains of Edith Finch beats out AAA giants to win the BAFTA for Best Game

Double Fine's Tim Schafer recognised on the night with a BAFTA Fellowship

By Haydn Taylor

Campo Santo, Buried Signal and Stoic open Nordic Game Conference line-up

Swedish conference has an indie-focused year, with second Nordic Discovery Contest and a new equity funding event

By Matthew Handrahan

Battle Royale threatens a repeat of the MOBA bloodbath

With around a dozen Battle Royale titles set for release by the end of this year, developers need to be realistic about their chances of wresting market share from PUBG and Fortnite

By Rob Fahey

EA changes executive titles

Patrick Söderlund becomes company-wide chief design officer as Laura Miele takes over EA Worldwide Studios and Blake Jorgenson adds COO to CFO title

By Brendan Sinclair

Graceful Explosion Machine sells 50,000 on Switch

Launch window indie shooter approaches milestone as developer plans a return to the platform next year

Eugen Systems developers call an end to strike

"We have stopped striking… after more than a month a half, to conserve our resources for the future"

By Brendan Sinclair

God of War: Critical Consensus

Sony Santa Monica's reboot finds the heart beneath Kratos' anger, and does so without sacrificing any of the series' visual splendour

By Matthew Handrahan

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 reaches one million sold

Fatshark's sequel is still performing well five weeks after launch

Eight Rezzed sessions you won't want to miss

Advice on career changes, promoting your game and community management all offered at London games showcase this weekend

By James Batchelor

SteamSpy creator warns PC market is once again open to abuse

“Imagine signing a basketball player without knowing his past performance,” posits Sergey Galyonkin

By James Batchelor

Patent lawsuit against Microsoft, EA, and Nintendo quashed at appeal

Federal court finds patent holder's argument "unconvincing"

By Haydn Taylor

Shovel Knight earns more revenue from Switch sales than any other platform

Yacht Club Games' signature title sells faster on Switch than any other console

By Haydn Taylor

Do gamers really care about cross-platform play?

GameTrack survey of European gamers shows indifference to the trend, and a lack of influence on purchasing decisions

By Matthew Handrahan

Ex-PlayStation boss points to streaming as gaming's next "inflection point"

Andrew House also sees emerging markets keeping physical media alive and console life-cycles long

By Matthew Handrahan

EGX Rezzed: What's going on for the industry?

Meet The Indies, Career Fair and 100 returns

By Christopher Dring

VR social platform vTime raises $7.6 million Series A

UK firm will use funding to push into augmented reality

Augmented and virtual reality consumer content market hits $3.2bn

Virtual reality install base expected to reach 75.7 million by 2021

By Haydn Taylor

Tencent opens up WeChat to external game developers - report

Messaging platform's one billion MAUs can now play third-party games

By Matthew Handrahan

Chris Hecker finally throws his SpyParty

Spore designer discusses his hopes and fears about the imminent Early Access launch of his inverted Turing test game after eight years of full-time development

By Brendan Sinclair

"Most developers think of funding as fixing their problem"

But VC investors care about opportunities and not problems, says Jason Della Rocca, and this year's Nordic Game Conference will feature an event to show the difference

By Matthew Handrahan

Rovio investor relations boss leaves after seven months

Rauno Heinonen only joined in September ahead of IPO, second major exec to depart this year

By James Batchelor

Making narrative choices meaningful

Former Failbetter writer Cash DeCuir discusses what draws players into an interactive story - and how to avoid throwing them out of it

By James Batchelor

Oregon passes its own net neutrality laws, but not for home users

"The internet has democratised knowledge and is an invaluable tool. It's so important that it remains open and accessible"

By James Batchelor

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