Creature in the Well's limiting, limitless unknown

Flight School Studios creative director Adam Volker shares how a two-person team turned constraints into creativity

By Rebekah Valentine

DayZ will be modified worldwide to lift Australian ban

Bohemia Interactive confirms it will be tweaking zombie hit to avoid isolating Australian players

By James Batchelor

Industry veterans launch hyper casual development outfit JaffaJam

New Zealand-based studio looks to "perfect the way free-to-play games are made and monetised"

By Haydn Taylor

Subnautica dev demands G2A pay $300,000 to cover lost chargebacks

Studio calls for controversial marketplace to honour its offer of 10x compensation

By James Batchelor

Dr. Mario World continues to lag after first month

Mobile puzzler falls well-below bar set by previous Nintendo titles

By Haydn Taylor

Over half of Madden NFL 20 week one sales were digital

Latest entry also saw the highest final week of pre-orders in franchise history

Tim Willits joins Saber Interactive

Former id Software studio director becomes chief creative officer for World War Z developer

By Rebekah Valentine

Mojang ends development on Minecraft's Super Duper Graphics Pack

Feature announced at E3 2017 "proved too technically demanding to implement as planned"

By Rebekah Valentine

Spilt Milk pulling plug on Lazarus

Another SpatialOS-powered game shutting down as studio feared maintenance costs would have exceeded monetization

By Brendan Sinclair

Only 19 developers have called for G2A's key blocking tool

But divisive marketplace has offered an extension for more people to register interest

By James Batchelor

No More Robots: Anybody making games needs to think about localisation

Up to a third of indie sales can come from China, says Mike Rose, so developers should build for localisation

By Matthew Handrahan

Pixelles is helping mid-career mothers stay in games

We speak to co-founder Rebecca Cohen-Palacios about the organisation's efforts to do more than just bring new women into games

By James Batchelor

Twitch CEO apologises after Ninja's old channel used to promote porn

Ninja said his was "disgusted and so sorry" as his previous content was pulled to recommend other livestreams

By James Batchelor

Epic Games faces class action lawsuit over Fortnite data breach

US law firm says Fortnite users "have no guarantee security measures will adequately protect their personal information"

By James Batchelor

Steam Workshop items for Valve games to require official approval

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 items will be assessed to combat "free skins" incentives for new subscribers

By Matthew Handrahan

Valve clamping down on abuse of Steam's Popular Upcoming list

Update: Valve confirms that it will approve release date changes, and send reminders to developers two weeks before launch

By James Batchelor

Annapurna exploring bankruptcy protection

Update: Annapurna Interactive states "we're not going anywhere" to quell fears over its closure

By James Batchelor

Crash Team Racing limps to the top of the UK chart

No new releases in the whole top 40 alows CTR back to the top despite a 14% drop in sales

By Matthew Handrahan

Discord adds limited gameplay streaming

Go Live launches next week, will allow users to share live video with up to 10 people

By Brendan Sinclair

The Podcast: It's a family show

Discusses E3 data leaks, abuse against Ooblets developer, the impact of mass shootings on games and the FTC's loot box workshop

By GamesIndustry Staff

No More Robots: "I'm just doing D&D, but in a Discord server"

Mike Rose on the marketing tactics that drove the small publisher to $3m revenue, and why Xbox Game Pass is good for sales (for now)

By Matthew Handrahan

Fuel Games rebrands itself as Immutable

Australian developer behind Gods Unchained says new name will better reflect its range of tools and services

Infinity Ward says Modern Warfare isn't political, debates how it ever could be

Game's directors stress that upcoming Call of Duty reboot focuses on "thematic things" not current politics

By James Batchelor

Twitch launching its own streaming software

Twitch Studio aimed at new streamers or those who gave up because they found the process too complicated

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