Rumour: Zynga IPO filing could be this week

Announcement predicted today, following $10 billion valuation

Casual developer Zynga could be planning to file for an initial public offering as early as today, according to reports from the U.S.

A story last night by CNBC suggests that plans for an IPO are likely to be announced this week, in a deal valued at between $1.5 and $2 billion.

This would build on the company's total valuation, from its most recent round of funding, of $10 billion. At that point the company revealed revenues of $850 million and profits of $400 million.

An IPO has been rumoured for some time, although previous predictions of the exact timing have not proven accurate - the most recent being just last month.

Zynga is just one of a number of social network companies currently involved in, or rumoured to be considering, an IPO, including Groupon and Facebook. LinkedIn has already made the leap and many investors are curious to see how its valuation will compare to Zynga.

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With the investors crazy for a tech investment, I'm sure Zynga will receive a frenzied feeding session at the launch of IPO. I'm guessing this IPO will give NYSE a good feel boost!
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Roberto Dillon Associate Professor, James Cook University10 years ago
I kept hearing these rumors for months by now. I'm actually getting tired of them.
Anyway, once they finally do the IPO, most likely I'll short it since I don't see how they can sustain the explosive growth they already had...

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