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Zynga unveils Access All Area

The platform offers users various resources to learn about career opportunities within the UK games industry

Zynga unveiled Access All Areas, a virtual studio that offers educational resources for users to learn about various careers within the UK games industry.

Users will take a virtual tour which includes games industry professionals speaking about their positions and learning about game development from pre-production to launch.

The web-based platform inspired by Zynga subsidary NaturalMotion, is intended to help educators, parent, and children.

Additionally, the firm said that it aims to foster more diversity and inclusion in gaming with Access All Areas.

"We built Access All Areas in conjunction with partners and experts to increase awareness about gaming careers and to broaden access for everyone, especially young creative minds from different backgrounds," said Access All Areas co-founder and senior director of analytics at NaturalMotion Kerrie Neale.

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