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Founded by veteran games industry researchers, SuperData is the leading provider of market intelligence covering the market for free-to-play gaming, digital console, mobile, PC downloadable, streaming media and eSports. Using digital point-of-sale data received from publishers, developers and payment service providers, SuperData’s analyses are based on the monthly spending of 48 million paying online gamers worldwide in combination with qualitative consumer insight. SuperData helps its customers understand what people play, connect to and spend on.

Recent articles about SuperData Research, Inc.

Worldwide interactive media market tops $100 billion - Superdata

Research firm says global spend on games, eSports, game-related video content and VR/AR will be $104.6 billion this year, $168.8 billion by 2020

SuperData predicts 5m digital sales for Destiny 2

Research firm also expects series' PC debut to reach 3m downloads within first three months

“Releasing your mobile game in China is an absolute necessity”

SuperData CEO Joost van Dreunen discusses the opportunities and challenges of heading East

Digital game sales rise to $7.7bn in April - SuperData

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has already made around $34 million while in Early Access

Switch has sold 2.4 million - Superdata

Tracking firm ups 2017 forecast for Nintendo's latest system from 5 million to 7.2 million units

Why won't the games industry share its digital data?

NPD, SuperData and Steam Spy offer up their thoughts

Global digital games revenue hit $7.6bn in December - SuperData

Poor sales of physical goods offset by digital growth

FIFA 17 beat Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in November digital sales - SuperData

Full game downloads and FIFA DLC totalled more than £10m

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare digital sales down 27% - SuperData

But on-going Battlefield 1 success made November a strong digital month for consoles worldwide

Digital growth slows to 5% in September - Superdata

Pokemon Go and World of Warcraft: Legion help boost other sectors as console market sags 14% for the month

Superdata predicts Battleborn will go F2P

Shooter has been "struggling in the presence of Overwatch"

"Overwatch dominates rankings leaving Battleborn in the dust" - SuperData

Overwatch generated $269 million in May as the digital games market climbed to $6 billion overall

League of Legends generates $150m a month - SuperData

PC online multiplayer space to approach $20bn this year thanks in part to MOBAs like LoL

Superdata downgrades VR forecast again

Rift and Vive fulfillment issues, poor public awareness cited as firm cuts further 22% from this year's sales prediction

SuperData and Gfk to unify physical and digital console data

Monthly report will give most complete overview to date of key European console markets

Superdata cuts VR forecast by 30%

Research firm tempers 2016 expectations for new tech but still bullish for future, expects console VR to reach larger audience than PC

The ESA must adapt or die

SuperData CEO Joost van Dreunen argues that the trade body no longer actually represents the industry and must step up its game

Ukie partners with Superdata, Reflection

Trade group members will get research at a discount; tracking companies will get more data direct from the source

Will mobile games in India be different from China?

SuperData's Joost van Dreunen on why India may be a safer bet for many Western publishers

Indian mobile market will hit $1.2 billion revenue in 2018

Smartphone penetration and better payment infrastructure will triple annual value over three years


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