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Ben Strauss is a recent graduate of Xavier University. You can see him ramble on about gaming, gamification, military-related gaming and manly things on his Twitter @Sinner101GR.

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3 David Perry on selling Shiny: "Worst mistake I ever made"

4 years ago The Shiny Entertainment founder looks back with regret on selling the studio to Interplay


17 Penny Arcade: "What we're asking for is fair"

4 years ago Penny Arcade discusses the implications of the new Kickstarter campaign to wipe out ads

7 Valve defends Steam sales techniques as helpful to IP expansion

4 years ago Steam sales do not 'cheapen' IPs argues Valve business chief Jason Holtman

Amazon looking into more gaming for Kindle with GameCircle

4 years ago New GameCircle community to entice developers to use Kindle platform

Tapjoy and Kontagent form mobile-centric partnership

4 years ago Two leading service providers to mobile gaming developers join forces

God of War movie signs Saw screenwriters to project

4 years ago Sony gearing up to add God of War to the movie games blitz

1 The Witcher franchise exceeds 4 million units sold worldwide

4 years ago Sales for CD Projekt's Witcher 2 hit big on Xbox 360 and PC

11 Penny Arcade launches Kickstarter to wipe out advertisements on site

4 years ago Popular site draws controversy as it seeks $1 million to create 'ad-free' experience

United Kingdom to run PEGI as sole game rating system

4 years ago On July 30 PEGI and BBFC game classification systems to be combined

Deus Ex movie in development with CBS Films

4 years ago Square Enix offers rights to Deus Ex film based on Human Revolution

Angry Birds Trilogy to launch on consoles

4 years ago Rovio brings Angry Birds to Xbox 360, PS3 and 3DS

3 Japanese game development should be more "Hollywood" says Mikami

4 years ago Ex-Capcom producer behind Devil May Cry wishes to push Japanese market towards Western model

4 Assassin's Creed movie will be co-produced by X-Men First Class star Michael Fassbender

4 years ago Fassbender to produce and star in Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed film

Bungie grabs Beatles legend Paul McCartney for music composition

4 years ago McCartney working alongside former Halo studio on writing music

2 Gearbox Studios pushes Brothers in Arms Furious 4 into 2013

4 years ago Studio CEO Randy Pitchford says new game has 'evolved'

Gamesplanet Lab puts crowd funding focus on gaming projects

4 years ago New Kickstarter-esque platform offers gaming-centric opportunities for developers and fans

1 Xbox Music service to offer streaming subscription, traditional purchasing

4 years ago New Microsoft music platform to offer storage for small fee, playable on multiple devices, according to Bloomberg

2 Shenmue creator announces next title as mobile free-to-play

4 years ago Yu Suzuki working on Gan! Gan! Pirates

4 Zynga CEO: Every employee should feel like an "owner"

4 years ago Mark Pincus offers insight into Zynga culture after annual Unleashed event

Gamers spend $3.4 billion in US during Q1 2012 - NPD

4 years ago Gamers pushing more and more to digital purchasing with $1.38 billion total sales

E3 report details less risk, more movement from Asian companies

4 years ago DFC Intelligence comments on growing risk aversion of major publishers in gaming world

1 Castlevania studio Mercury Steam wants to work on Contra revival

4 years ago Mercury Steam hopes to halt work on Castlevania after Lords of Shadow, says franchise could "decline"

1 Gears designer says Kinect potential "not fully realized"

4 years ago Gears of War: Judgment won't support Kinect, says Bleszinski

1 Lego MMO coming from Age of Conan developer Funcom

4 years ago Funcom developing new 'family-friendly' MMO title featuring Lego mini-figurines

Digital Extremes working on free-to-play title Warframe

4 years ago Developer behind Star Trek working on sci-fi PC shooter for this winter