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2 Star Citizen's refunds process just got more complicated

5 days ago A provision allowing refund requests after a release date is missed by 18 months has been removed from its terms of service

1 Chris Smith and Paul Andrews resign as Retro Computers directors

5 days ago Vega+ project now solely in hands of David Levy after "irreconcilable differences"

1 Vivendi ups Ubisoft share ownership to 20%, but delays takeover

5 days ago Both companies' stock rise after Vivendi boss proposes "fruitful cooperation"

4 Warcraft, Angry Birds movies cashing in

5 days ago Critically dismissed flicks poised to become the highest grossing game adaptations of all time


4 Oculus and Valve send mixed messages on VR exclusivity

Opinion 5 days ago Valve wants the VR market to be entirely open, but the belief that Oculus is trying to lock it down is built on a series of misunderstandings

Twitch pledges to stamp out viewbot services

6 days ago First lawsuit filed against sellers of bots that artificially inflate viewers, followers and chat activity


"Seeing studios as classic start-ups that you can scale is flawed"

6 days ago EGDF head and CEO of Remote Control Hendrik Lesser on his vision for a European industry

8 Hello Games settles "secret stupid" legal dispute with Sky

6 days ago Telecomms company's problem with the title of No Man's Sky took three years to resolve

Vice launching games site

8 days ago Austin Walker leaving Giant Bomb to head up one of six new expansions for youth media company

2 Newell weighs in on VR exclusives

8 days ago Valve head says tying development funds to specific hardware is bad for customers and developers


1 E3: Everybody entertained effectively

Opinion 8 days ago Weekly Roundup: From organizers to hardware makers to third-party publishers, all the big players have victories to brag about

1 YouTubers band together to form Internet Creator's Guild

9 days ago "There are lots of organisations that among the interests they have is supporting creators, but no organisation with that sole interest"

Unity changes Unity Plus tier in response to complaints

9 days ago A new balance has been struck following a backlash against new mid-point between Personal and Pro licenses


5 E3 Live completely disappoints fans

Opinion 9 days ago "I expected more, at least to play some more...I was like c'mon man, I didn't come here to buy stuff"


15 Scorpio is a beast, but Microsoft needs to explain it better

9 days ago The company needs to find a coherent party line about Scorpio, One S and Windows 10, and stick to it

Skylanders TV show lands on Netflix

9 days ago Streaming service will offer two seasons of Skylanders Academy; premiere set for this fall

PlayStation VR demos hit stores starting tomorrow

9 days ago Sony rolling out hands-on kiosks at hundreds of North American locations this month

17 VR not ready for the mainstream - Fils-Aime

9 days ago Nintendo of America president says the company will adopt VR once it's mass market approachable


1 E3 may need to change but it's still very relevant, say publishers

10 days ago EA, Ubisoft and Take-Two executives explain why E3 matters

1 Tencent could be lining up to buy Supercell - at a $9bn valuation

10 days ago World's biggest games company in talks with Softbank to purchase 73% share, say reports


"When I was a kid, I didn't dream of becoming a video game executive"

10 days ago Diablo designer David Brevik on his choice to end two decades as the boss, leave Gazillion, and go it alone

3 Sony's House surprised by Project Scorpio

10 days ago President of gaming group didn't expect reveal so early, says tech industry has shifted to more immediate gratification

Michael Bay joins Rogue Initiative

10 days ago Filmmaker teams up with upstart VR studio to make original interactive entertainment

PlayStation VR likely to be in short supply - Sony

10 days ago With big questions about consumer uptake of VR, expect conservative shipments of new headset


5 Spider-Man leads Marvel's "epic" new console strategy

10 days ago Comic company moving away from movie tie-ins, says the future of Spider-Man games is with Sony and Insomniac

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