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Games revenues expected to reach $235bn by 2022

Could reach $170bn this year, predominantly driven by mobile and PC

2016 investments in AR/VR already $1.1 billion - Report

Digi-Capital says first two months of the year have already topped 2015's total spend by $400 million

Digi-Capital: For the mid-tier "just being good is no longer good enough"

Tim Merel sees a tighter squeeze on the mid-tier as the industry pushes towards $100b revenue in 2018

Mobile gaming exits hit $18 billion in 12 months

Games also yielded a 9.9x return on every dollar invested in the last three years, well above the 3.5x average for mobile internet

Games dominate mobile internet business 'rich list'

12 of the world's 32 billion dollar mobile online businesses are in our industry

Mobile could push games to $100 billion by 2017 - Digi-Capital

Investment bank expects mobile and online games to account for 60 percent of worldwide revenues within three years

Digi-Capital: Disruptive mobile and a growing market

Games monetise four times more effectively that all other mobile app types combined, says investment bank

Digital game sales growing 33%

GDC 2013: Analysts from NPD, iResearch and Digi-Capital present data on the growing digital game market across the world

ConsolidationVille: Social Games M&A in 2012

Digi-Capital's Tim Merel on social, mobile and middleware acquisition opportunities in 2012

Game acquisitions will "more than double" this year

Online and mobile companies urged to invest or make strategic exits

M&A activity in games sector will continue - Merel

But high valuations for social and mobile companies won't climb, says Digi-Capital MD

The Big V: The Great Games Market Split

Tim Merel of Digi-Capital looks at the market divide between value and volume

Asian companies have "significant appetite" for Western acquisitions

M&A and IPO activity set to continue in mobile, online, social markets

Money Games: Online, Mobile, China and More

Digi-Capital's Tim Merel on the fundamental shifts in games investment for 2011

Digi-Capital: Investment demand still exceeds supply

Devs with 100% growth and operating margins of 50% struggle for funding


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