Wii is most searched for product on eBay

Average sale price $100 above recommended retail price

Online auction site eBay has revealed that the Nintendo Wii is the most searched for product on eBay across all categories.

The Wii has an average selling price on eBay of USD 349, USD 100 above the recommended retail price.

The site reported that on Black Friday – the shopping day following Thanksgiving in the US – 3171 Wiis were sold in 24 hours.

"Results from Black Friday show that shoppers continue to turn to the web for their holiday shopping needs, especially for consumer electronics," said Jim Griffith of eBay.

The second most searched for product was Wii Fit, with 1059 units sold on Black Friday.

Nintendo has struggled to keep up for demand for its home consoles and peripherals since release, with this year looking like shortages will once again hit retail.

Wii Fit sells on eBay for an average price of USD 100. Other popular videogame products on the site include the PlayStation 3 (average selling price USD 355) and EA's Rock band bundle (average selling price of USD 100), according to eBay.

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