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ZeniMax Online Studios forms new satellite studio in San Diego

Veterans of Sony, EA DICE, Daybreak, and Blizzard to work on new AAA IP

Dodgy Elder Scrolls Online keys deactivated from today

Affected players will be given chance to make a legitimate purchase

Elder Scrolls Online team hit by layoffs

Bethesda confirms cuts, says it continues to work on console versions of MMORPG

Elder Scrolls Online developer welcomes criticism

ZeniMax Online's Matt Firor is prepared to deal with hardcore Elder Scrolls fans

Elder Scrolls Online looking to be a "good game first"

The creative director of the new Elder Scrolls MMO talks about providing a great online experience for Elder Scrolls fans

Elder Scrolls Online: Bethesda dealing with fan backlash

Bethesda isn't developing the MMO, but fans are expressing concern that The Elder Scrolls will never be the same [UPDATE: trailer viewable]

Elder Scrolls Online announced by ZeniMax

Long rumored Elder Scrolls MMO is currently in development, more details next month

ZeniMax to create new jobs with Irish customer support centre

Former Warcraft exec to head facility for future Bethesda MMOs

ZeniMax confirms MachineGames purchase

Swedish studio will be using id Tech 5 for new unannounced project

id creates third dedicated development team

Bethesda buyout results in additional resources and an extra team for a new unannounced game


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