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What we learned from PlayStation Vita | Podcast

Our weekly news discussion show is back, now with a new monthly section based on 10 Years Ago This Month

PS4 Pro and most other models discontinued in Japan

Sony will only continue to manufacture the 500GB 'Slim' model in the region going forward

Bloodborne producer Teruyuki Toriyama leaves SIE Japan Studio

Toriyama also worked on the Demon's Souls remake and Soul Sacrifice

Nintendo and Sony share prices rise to record highs

Switch and PlayStation 5 drive stock high enough to surpass Wii and PlayStation 2 levels

PS5 is biggest console launch in history

Platform holder says demand is unprecedented, surpassing sales of previous record-setter PS4

Ghost of Tsushima passes 5m sold

Sucker Punch's game is the fastest selling new IP for the PS4 from a Sony first-party studio

The challenge and promise of DualSense | Opinion

PlayStation 5's advanced haptic system is arguably the most interesting innovation of the new generation, but it creates a tricky marketing conundrum

First impressions of PS5 and Xbox Series X|S | Podcast

The team share their own experiences with the next-generation consoles on our latest episode, available to download now

PlayStation 5 | Critical Consensus

Critics agree that Sony's PS5 transcends on-paper comparisons to Xbox, and is the only new console that "feels" next-gen from the first moment

If Xbox is Netflix, then PS5 is cinema | Console analysis

PlayStation's new console is an extension of the games it makes

The last great console leap? | Opinion

Microsoft and Sony have different strategies, but they're both launching consoles that feel less like a “clean break” with the past generation

Does PlayStation need to buy more games studios? | Opinion

With Microsoft snapping up major studios and publishers in recent years, we consider the implications for Sony

Sony legal threat compels PS5 faceplate company to cancel all orders

CustomizeMyPlates also had to rebrand from PlateStation5 following complaints from platform holder

Sony expects PS5 to exceed PS4's 7.6m launch sales this fiscal year

But CFO Hiro Totoki says each unit will make a "negative contribution to earnings for the time being"

PS4 shipments near 114m as new generation looms

More than 75% of all PlayStation revenue came from digital sources in the second quarter, with only 41% of games bought physically

PlayStation forms creative partnership with Travis Scott

US musician follows up Fortnite concert as Sony's "strategic creative partner" ahead of PlayStation 5 launch

PlayStation Store to drop PS3 content and Wishlists on desktop and mobile

PS Vita and PSP games will also be gone as part of incoming store revamp

Sony details limits of PS5 backward compatibility

10 PS4 titles including Hitman Go and Afro Samurai 2 will not play on PS5, while new PS5 HD Camera won't work in place of PS4's PlayStation Camera

Sony expects PS5 to sell more than 7m units by April

PlayStation president Jim Ryan says "the value is obvious" when it comes to $70 price point for games

PS5 will change Sony's Japanese button standards

Next PlayStation switches menu confirmation button from O to X to bring Japan in line with other regions


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