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CD Projekt Red opens new studio in Wroclaw

18-person indie studio Strange New Things will form the core of CDPR Wroclaw

From taverns to tournaments: The rise of Gwent as an esport

CD Projekt Red's Rafał Jaki explains why the studio's competitive gaming ambitions are “not some calculated decision based on a spreadsheet”

CD Projekt Red responds to scathing Glassdoor reviews

After complaints of mismanagement, senseless crunch, and poor pay, Witcher studio says its approach to development "is not for everyone"

CD Projekt Red, Techland receive grants from Polish government's $27.4m research fund

The Witcher III dev takes biggest chunk with $7m towards seamless multiplayer and city creation projects

Witcher 3 was the most written about game of 2015

PlayStation dominates brand coverage, says ICO Partners research

CD Projekt Red slams rumours of a sale

"We think it deserves to be put to bed"

Critical Consensus: The Witcher 3 casts a spell

Wild Hunt's captivating world and attention to detail draw rave reviews across the board

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt passes 1 million pre-orders

CD Projekt Red's latest in the popular RPG series is off to a hot start

CD Projekt Red: Selling The Witcher 3

CEO Marcin Iwiński on the importance of maintaining control of your audience and your message

Witcher devs join 11 Bit Studios

Update: ""We make games in small teams where creative input is the key" says MD

The Witcher series sales top 6 million in 6 years

With The Witcher 3 on the horizon, CD Projekt celebrates a milestone

CD Projekt Red launches Krakow studio

Doors open at new Polish studio, will work on new and existing projects

Warner Bros bringing The Witcher 3 to North America

CD Projekt Red has partnered with WBIE for the distribution and promotion of the game

Witcher 3 dev on next-gen, avoiding an "average, crappy game"

Executive producer John Mamais on CD Projekt growth, scaling for PS4 and Xbox One

Talking Shop: The Witcher 3's Lead Character Artist

We chat with Pawel Mielniczuk about bringing the characters of The Witcher to life

CD Projekt RED sends RedKit tool into closed beta

The toolset will allow users to create their own RPG worlds

CD Projekt RED: Industry trending towards over-exploiting gamers

Marcin Iwinski says giving away Witcher content actually boosted sales

The Witcher franchise exceeds 4 million units sold worldwide

Sales for CD Projekt's Witcher 2 hit big on Xbox 360 and PC

Xbox Witcher 2 Dark Edition sold out in Europe

Anticipated console update fulfils pre-orders a month before release

CD Projekt demands settlement from Witcher 2 pirates

Lawyers ask German BitTorrent users to pay €900 each to avoid further legal action

CD Projekt Red

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