Twitch sexual content crackdown causing confusion

Streaming site has issued multiple suspensions against streamers wearing Chun-Li costumes, sports bras and more

Twitch has been clamping down on what it deems to be 'sexual' content over the past week, but the inconsistencies are confusing streamers.

Kotaku has an in-depth round-up, but some of the more notable examples include Twitch streamers Quqco, who was suspended for cosplaying as Street Fighter's Chun-Li, and Fareeha, who was given a warning and a 90-day probationary period for wearing a sports bra and baggy shorts.

Quqco was warned her outfit was sexually suggestive, despite not being overly revealing (the tops of her thighs were visible but the majority of her body was covered). Meanwhile, Fareeha was told her warning was prompted by her wearing "underwear or lingerie."

Elsewhere, an art streamer Saruei was given a warning and suspended for three days after "drawing nudes". She had been drawing Hentai characters that were scantily clad but not fully naked, and it's unclear whether the warning was over the characters' attire or poses.

A male streamer under the handle Shift was given a warning for using an emote based on a meme of SpongeBob Squarepants ripping his pants. This was deemed too sexual and the emote was disallowed.

Finally, IRL streamer Bridgett Devoue was suspended for three days after "sharing or engaging in sexually suggestive content or activities", but was given no clarification as to what this referred to. Dextero reports the ban was later overturned, but still no explanation was given. has reached out to Twitch for clarification.

Both Fareeha and Devoue told Kotaku they believe they were targetted by mass misuse of Twitch's reporting tools -- particularly since Fareeha's attire was appropriate to the fact she was in the gym during the stream, something allowed by Twitch's community guidelines.

Last year, Twitch pledged to take a stronger stance against sexual content, clarifying that its policy on streamer attire should be "appropriate for a public street, mall or restaurant," which streamers have argued is still vague and open to interpretation.

Microsoft's rival streaming platform Mixer has been criticised for taking an even stronger stance, with clothing guidelines that seem to target women and even deem a strapless top as sexual enough to warrant an 18+ rating for a stream.

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