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EA restructure bolsters Geneva HQ, cuts local teams

Publisher is re-thinking its PR and marketing plans

E3: The YouTuber show

EA's press conference may have been a sign of things to come

EA expects console game sales to be 40% digital this year

And that the install base of PS4/Xbox One will hit 105m

EA cautious over Nintendo Switch potential

Publisher says it is committed to bringing 'one or two' of its biggest IP to the platform

Respawn and EA dismiss release date problems for Titanfall 2

Developer claims “there was no changing” locked in launch, EA insists audiences are different

Peter Moore and EA's eSports masterplan

"I think engagement is the one word answer"

E3: EA focuses on sports, charities and indie devs

Launches new initiatives at EA Play event

EA announces new EVP of Global Publishing

Laura Miele joins executive team

Electronic Arts UK has new head of media

While Rob Clarke appointed as product marketing manager

Ubisoft and EA tussle over Ghost trademark

EA wants it, Ubi cites its Ghost Recon franchise in opposition

EA struggles to secure Unravel trademark

Board game Beary's Unravel Game causing issues

EA changes UK release date

UK gamers will get new releases a day sooner

EA's Söderlund on Star Wars

"There's been a lot of guidelines and rules that you need to follow"

EA's Moore: "A lot of publishers just throw stuff up against a wall"

The COO on how EA does new IP differently, bringing women to FIFA and the company's plans for VR

Need for Speed 2 film planned

Will be co-produced with Chinese partners

EA confirms Montreal layoffs

"To align with our current development and service plans"

EA CFO says Xbox One is "catching up quickly" to PS4

Blake Jorgensen points to Christmas price cut as a big opportunity for Microsoft

EA's annual DLC revenue on course to hit $1 billion

Extra content like Ultimate Team is really helping EA's bottom line

ASA deems Dungeon Keeper ads "misleading"

UK advertising watchdog upholds consumer complaint about EA's free-to-play release


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