Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi merges with CoderDojo

Low-cost computer maker unites with network of kids' coding clubs

Raspberry Pi 3 debuts with built-in WiFi, Bluetooth

Fourth anniversary of UK's best-selling computer marked with hardware refresh; 8 million units shipped to date

Raspberry Pi is closing in on the UK sales record

The second full version of the microcomputer should see it become the bestselling British computer of all time

Raspberry Pi has sold 2.5 million

Founders launch $10,000 competition to run Quake III on credit-card size hardware

Raspberry Pi reaches 2 million sold

Innovative device passes milestone several months ahead of schedule

Cheaper Raspberry Pi on sale in Europe

"Model A" is $10 cheaper than its predecessor, consumes a third of the power

Google buys 15,000 Raspberry Pi computers for UK schools

Eric Schmidt says that the micro-computer is essential to future innovation in the UK

Raspberry Pi begins UK production at Sony facility

South Wales plant now turning out innovative hardware

Raspberry Pi now available for bulk buying

Sales limit lifted, 4000 being produced a day

Braben to present Raspberry Pi at Develop

Story of the £25 computer revealed at Brighton event in July

Raspberry Pi sells out in hours

Demand for £22, credit card sized computer crashes websites


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