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NES Classic Edition returns to stores in June

Along with the SNES Classic, systems will remain in stores through the end of the year

Nintendo still won't commit to online services

"Netflix for retro games" would be a huge selling point for the Switch - but Nintendo's reticence to commit to online services will stop it happening

Nintendo partners with Random House on book series

Kids books based on Mario, Zelda and Splatoon are on the way, with two already on the market

Nintendo drops Virtual Console model in favor of subscriptions

Focus turns to the Nintendo Switch Online service for future monetization of classic games

Nintendo courts families with Switch Online service

Eight-person membership available, alongside cloud saves and free NES games

New Nintendo president targets ¥100bn mobile business

Incoming chief Shuntaro Furukawa believes a Pokémon Go-style hit will transform the platform holder's fortunes on smart devices

Nintendo shifting away from individual leadership

Incoming president Shuntaro Furukawa to continue a trend moving away from the style of long-time leader Hiroshi Yamauchi

Nintendo Switch targeted by Gamevice patent lawsuit (again)

Wikipad manufacturer attempting to block console sales in the US over detachable controller dispute

Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft among those warned by FTC - Report

Federal Trade Commission gave console makers, HTC, ASUS, and Hyundai 30 days to correct illegal warranty practices

Nintendo yet to achieve "satisfactory" profit on mobile says company president

Games continue to perform well, but still fall below Nintendo's expectations

Nintendo bringing new IP exclusively to mobile

Platform holder acquires five per cent stake in development partner Cygames

Nintendo, Valve, Sony, and EA reported in Norway for breaching European consumer law

Digital games "do not exist in a lawless vacuum" says Norwegian Consumer Council director of digital services

Nintendo profits spike as Switch approaches 18m sales

Mario Odyssey breaks 10m sales barrier

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima stepping down

With executive's retirement set for June, console maker names Shuntaro Furukawa its leader-in-waiting

Unpatchable hardware exploit leaves Nintendo facing security nightmare

Hackers get Linux running on Switch but Nvidia Tegra X1 flaw opens the gates to modders and cheats in Nintendo's online games

Nintendo Labo belongs in the classroom goes hands on with Nintendo's ambitious new project

FTC warns about illegal warranties, likely including Nintendo and Sony

Federal Trade Commission states that companies are not allowed to force users to use specific service providers

Nintendo seeking startups to improve Switch hardware

Platform holder teams up with Scrum Ventures to source new add-ons and technology for hybrid console

Nintendo Switch reaches four million sold in Japan - report

Famitsu numbers put Nintendo's console two weeks behind the Wii in hitting the milestone

Nintendo's advice for indies trying to get games on Switch

Platform holder's warns that Switch will remain a "closed dev environment" for now

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