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Uri Geller retracts 20-year ban on Kadabra Pokémon trading cards

Illusionist apologises for legal action against Nintendo after two decades of emails from upset fans

Super Nintendo World now opening in February

But opening of $578 million theme park could be delayed as Osaka faces fresh coronavirus outbreak

Nintendo orders cancellation of Smash Bros tournament over mod use

The Big House's first online competition scrapped due to modified Melee that enables smoother online play

Nintendo suing yet another Switch hack reseller

Amazon seller taken to court in platform holder's ongoing fight against "serious, worsening international problem" of piracy

Nintendo publishes Animal Crossing guidelines for businesses

The platform holder asked organisations to "refrain from bringing politics" into New Horizons

Nintendo faces yet another Joy-Con drift lawsuit

An expert analysis noted that the drift is caused by "extensive wear on the pad surface on the interior of the Joy-Con"

The Switch had the second-best October sales in the US of any console ever

At over 735,000 units sold, it was outpaced only by the Wii in 2008

Nintendo raises forecasts as H1 profits triple to $2.8bn

Full-year Switch sales predicted to reach 24 million, five million units higher than previously expected

Nintendo drops price of single Joy-Cons in the US

Controllers get $10 price cut, as well as another color option for individual purchase

Overcoming AR's limitations with Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Velan Studios president Guha Bala on reinventing Nintendo's best-selling racing franchise for augmented reality

Nintendo issues cease and desist against influencer and adult entertainer Pokeprincxss

Social media personality rebrands after trademarking her name and selling merchandise bearing Pokémon characters

Nintendo reducing price of individual Joy-Cons in Japan

No word yet on whether price drop will be reflected in other markets

Super Mario 3D All-Stars was Japan's biggest-selling game in September

Nintendo compilation sold nearly five times more copies than Marvel's Avengers

From Game Boy to 3DS: The legacy of Nintendo's handhelds

Analysts, developers and former Nintendo staff look back at the why the platform holder dominated the portable gaming space for over three decades

Mother and son seeking $5m in latest Joy-Con drift lawsuit against Nintendo

Plaintiff argues platform holder has not done enough to address Switch issue and does not warn about drift in marketing

Nintendo wins $2m in lawsuit against Team Xecutor resellers ordered to cease sale of Switch hack devices and destroy all remaining stock

Nintendo sued for planned obsolescence over Joy-Con drift

French organisation found controllers suffer from premature wear of the electronic circuits and an airtightness defect

Super Mario 3D All-Stars | Critical Consensus

Are three remastered classics enough to make a true Mario celebration?

Nintendo 3DS discontinued

Platform holder confirms to that manufacturing has ended, eShop will continue to operate

Mario Kart Tour more than doubled Nintendo Account user base to 200m

Platform holder also planning more movies and TV projects, hints at next console

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