Ubisoft apologises after male-only Assassin's Creed promo video

Publisher has since re-edited and released a version showcasing the female protagonists of the best-selling series

By James Batchelor

Simon Carless launches GameDiscoverCo

Former GDC co-runner establishes new research service and subscription newsletter to help tackle discoverability

By Brendan Sinclair

Why playable teasers are way better than demos

TinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik discusses the benefits of playable teasers and offers advice on how to create your own

By Alex Nichiporchik

Gamecity Hamburg offers funding for devs to attend events

New Games Transfer initiative will give applicants €1,500 a year to help promote their games

China is ready for the PS5 and Xbox, even if Sony and Microsoft aren't ready for China | Opinion

Imported next-gen consoles are already available for pre-order in China, says Apptutti's Daniel Camilo

By Daniel Camilo

Lab Rat dev skeptical of multiplatform launches and the virtues of virtual events

Chump Squad's Gwen Frey shares her experience as a small indie launching last year's Kine across five platforms

By Brendan Sinclair

Riot signs deal for League of Legends toys

Multi-year agreement with Paw Patrol toy maker Spin Master should see action figures hit shelves in fall of 2021

By Brendan Sinclair

Epic Games commits to live concert series in Fortnite

Company has constructed a state-of-the-art soundstage in Los Angeles to host events

By Alex Calvin

Marketing is the business of selling entertainment, not news

With no news to share about the game, 32-33's Michal Napora took advantage of the PC Gaming Show by creating a "moment" for Inkulinati

By Michal Napora

Marvel's Avengers | Critical Consensus

The critics found much to like in Crystal Dynamics' campaign, and rather less in Square Enix's ambitions to make its own Destiny

By Matthew Handrahan

EA removes new in-game ads from UFC 4 after player complaints

Publisher patched in promos that flashed on screen during action replays

By James Batchelor

Marvel's Avengers shows how a “beta” can be a pitfall | Opinion

Early reviews express surprise at the full game being good after disappointing "beta" weekends -- suggesting a gigantic failure on the publisher side

By Rob Fahey

Wasteland 3 | Critical Consensus

InXile's warmly received new RPG is a sign that Microsoft's run of studio acquisitions is starting to pay off

By Matthew Handrahan

The ultimate guide to pitching your game

Ahead of our Investment Summit Online next week, Execution Labs founder Jason Della Rocca leads advice from all around the industry about how to pitch your game

By Marie Dealessandri

Are corporate celebrations of LGBTQ Pride progress?

Two queer non-binary game developers discuss whether there's an upside to pinkwashing during a devcom session

By Brendan Sinclair

Free and easy ways to cross-promote your game

Straw Fawn Studio's Philomena Schwab shares tips on how to work with other developers on your marketing

By James Batchelor

iOS 14 will "severely impact" monetisation opportunities, Facebook says

Changes in privacy policy on Apple devices could mean a 50% drop in ad-driven revenue coming from Facebook's Audience Network

By Marie Dealessandri

Is Rocksteady doing enough to tackle abuse? | Podcast

Latest episode also discusses debut PlayStation 5 ad, and the shift to remote-office hybrid companies

By GamesIndustry Staff

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War trailer blocked in China

Activision replaces original version, featuring Tiananmen Square protest footage, with shorter edit worldwide

By James Batchelor

Burger King's ad agency frustrates Twitch streamers with "predatory" stunt

Oglivy uses text-to-speech chat bots to deliver ads during livestreams for $5 or less

By James Batchelor

Animal Talking: "It's a hobby that spiralled wildly out of control”

At our Changing Channels conference, screenwriter Gary Whitta described the past, present and future of his Animal Crossing talk show

By Matthew Handrahan

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