Tencent will invest $15 million in Fortnite's rollout in China

Seeding an esports community for Epic's game will be a focus of the investment

By Matthew Handrahan

GOG storefront adds social features with User Profiles

CD Projekt subsidiary moves closer to Steam with new features

The Careers Survey 2018: Your insights needed

Annual study gives all industry members the chance to have their say (anonymously) about pay, working conditions, diversity and more

By James Batchelor

Darwin Project goes free-to-play after six weeks in Early Access

Scavengers Studio cites players' "difficulty finding matches" as motivation for the change

By Matthew Handrahan

Rovio and Sony confirm a new Angry Birds movie for 2019

The first film earned $352 million since it opened two years ago

By Matthew Handrahan

How indie publishers stand out - and why they need your game to help them

Speaking at Reboot Develop, Devolver Digital, Paradox Interactive and Raw Fury reflect on their role in a game's success and offer advice on pitching to them

By James Batchelor

Steam sales, store pages and the art of selling games

At Reboot Develop, Rockfish, Vlambeer and 11 bit take very different views on the value of cutting prices

By Matthew Handrahan

Sony's studios continue their winning streak

The success of the PS4's excellent first-party experiences belie the commercial challenges single-player titles still face

By Rob Fahey

Nintendo Labo belongs in the classroom goes hands on with Nintendo's ambitious new project

By Christopher Dring

Pro Evolution Soccer loses UEFA Champions League license

Konami ends its partnership with European tournament after a decade

By Brendan Sinclair

Hellblade on Xbox One hits 50,000 sales

Studio hopes for 100,000 sales, will give money to Mental Health America

By James Batchelor

V&A Museum: Video games are approaching a cultural tipping point

Curator Marie Foulston discusses how the industry can help a wider range of people understand our full impact and potential, and get them to look beyond the blockbusters

By James Batchelor

Iron Harvest most successful video game Kickstarter in nearly a year

King Art Games' crowdfunded project the first to break $1 million in 2018

By Haydn Taylor

Former Tomb Raider boss joins Xbox leadership team

Darrell Gallagher now at Microsoft, teases big things for E3

By James Batchelor

Discord: 90 million PC gamers can't be wrong

Founder and CEO Jason Citron on the platform's rapid growth, and taking a hard line on the emergence of hate groups

By Matthew Handrahan

Patrick Soderlund: EA "can't afford" another loot box controversy with Anthem

Newly promoted chief design officer promises publisher has learned from mistakes with Star Wars debacle

By James Batchelor

Rainbow Six Siege reaches 30 million registered players

Ubisoft's multiplayer shooter goes from strength to strength

By Matthew Handrahan

Nintendo seeking startups to improve Switch hardware

Platform holder teams up with Scrum Ventures to source new add-ons and technology for hybrid console

By James Batchelor

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 reaches one million sold

Fatshark's sequel is still performing well five weeks after launch

Eight Rezzed sessions you won't want to miss

Advice on career changes, promoting your game and community management all offered at London games showcase this weekend

By James Batchelor

SteamSpy creator warns PC market is once again open to abuse

“Imagine signing a basketball player without knowing his past performance,” posits Sergey Galyonkin

By James Batchelor

Shovel Knight earns more revenue from Switch sales than any other platform

Yacht Club Games' signature title sells faster on Switch than any other console

By Haydn Taylor

Ex-PlayStation boss points to streaming as gaming's next "inflection point"

Andrew House also sees emerging markets keeping physical media alive and console life-cycles long

By Matthew Handrahan

Netmarble moving US office to Los Angeles

South Korean mobile firm wants better location as it ramps up Western expansion

By James Batchelor

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