BT becomes first major UK brand to sponsor an esports team

Excel Esports signs multi-year partnership with British telecom giant

By Haydn Taylor

How can Rio Ferdinand help protect kids from inappropriate video games?

UKIE CEO Dr Jo Twist on why spending time gaming with children is just as important as using parental controls

By James Batchelor

Facebook Gaming streaming market share sees end-of-year rise

In December 2019, Facebook held 8.5% of the market, compared to 3.1% a year prior

By Rebekah Valentine

Fate/Grand Order was the most talked about game on Twitter in 2019

Meanwhile, E3 2019 was the most talked about gaming event, followed by The Tokyo Game Show and The Game Awards

By Haydn Taylor

Vindex creating esports events for IMAX

New Vindex Studios division will handle effort to bring live esports to the large-format theaters

Blizzard signs three-year deal with ESL, Dreamhack

StarCraft II World Championship Series is being retired as Blizzard commits to ESL Pro Tours for StarCraft II and Warcraft III: Reforged

By Brendan Sinclair

League of Legends professional Maria 'Remilia' Creveling dies at 24

In 2015, Creveling became the first woman to compete in the League of Legends Championship Series

By Rebekah Valentine

Uncharted movie loses sixth director

Travis Knight leaves project over crunch and scheduling conflicts with lead actor

By Haydn Taylor

Global Esports Federation announced, backed by Tencent

Federation aims to be "the voice and authority for the worldwide esports movement"

By Rebekah Valentine

Mixer, Facebook Gaming chipped away at Twitch market share in 2019

But Twitch is still far and away the streaming giant, with 73% of all streaming hours watched

By Rebekah Valentine

The long game: Running PR in the games-as-a-service era

Prezly's Kate Bystrova talks to PR experts on the unique challenge of getting exposure for games that can be played for years and years

By Kate Bystrova

League of Legends World Championship 2019 was the most-watched LoL esports event ever

The Finals reached an average minute audience of 21.8m, and 44m peak concurrent viewers

The Game Awards reached 7.5m concurrent viewers

Total livestreams of the event were up 73% from last year to 45.2m

By Rebekah Valentine

EA, Respawn announce Apex Legends Global Series

$3m at stake in the game's first international, multi-tournament esports program

By Rebekah Valentine

Russia's Rambler Group suing Twitch for $2.8 billion

Internet giant takes takes legal action against streaming service in the region over pirated football broadcasts

By James Batchelor

The Podcast: Games of the Year 2019

Download the latest episode now to find out which games have most impressed the editorial team this year

By GamesIndustry Staff

Just 15% of Shroud's US audience followed him to Mixer

Shroud's US audience on Mixer is one-third of what it was on Twitch

By Haydn Taylor

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