CCP: China will be EVE Online's biggest market in two years

At Reboot Develop, CCP's Hilmar Petursson discussed the importance of China and Korea to the future of EVE Online

By Matthew Handrahan

"The bankers are actually much more metal than publishers"

Headbang Club's David Elahee talks about Double Kick Heroes' path from Ludum Dare prototype to multiplatform launch

By Brendan Sinclair

How Clone Wars and Rebels influenced Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Writer Chris Avellone shares how he prepared to work on Respawn Entertainment's upcoming Star Wars adventure

By James Batchelor

Sony is now auto-changing offensive PlayStation Network IDs

User IDs found to be offensive will be switched to a placeholder

By Matthew Handrahan

Apple invested a reported $500 million in Arcade partnerships

Financial Times' sources reveal the high price of Apple Arcade subscription service

By Matthew Handrahan

Hajime Tabata to lead development of first ever Paralympics game

Final Fantasy XV director's new studio will help to build a young audience for the 2020 Paralympic Games

By Matthew Handrahan

The Podcast: Why does Activision need pregnancy data?

Latest episode available to download now, also discusses age ratings on Google Play and (yes) accessibility for Sekiro

By James Batchelor

Here is every boxed game to sell over 1m copies in the UK

UKIE and GfK hand-out special awards at London ceremony

By Christopher Dring

Red Dead Redemption 2 named Game of the Year at Italian Video Game Awards

Rockstar's western also takes home best audio and best art, Detroit: Become Human wins multiple awards as well

By Rebekah Valentine purchases rights to Minecraft: Education Edition in China

Company's cloud service, JD Cloud, using licensing agreement to move into educational sector

By Rebekah Valentine

Ubisoft removes slur from The Division 2

Publisher apologizes for in-game street art image depicting police officer with a slur in 'leetspeak'

By Rebekah Valentine

Weedcraft Inc meets advertising, video blocks

Tycoon game about growing and selling marijuana has Facebook page restricted, YouTube videos demonetized

By Rebekah Valentine

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice sells 2m in less than ten days

FromSoftware's latest challenge on track to outsell Dark Souls games, Bloodborne over a comparable period

By Rebekah Valentine

Telltale's The Walking Dead "made Skybound what it is"

Skybound Stories CEO Dan Murray says episodic game had more impact on the company than the TV show

By James Batchelor

BBC Studios and hosting Changing Channels conference next month

Free one-day event will see Go 8 Bit's Steve McNeil, Lego, Amazon and more exploring the convergence between the games and TV industries

By James Batchelor

NetEase investment is bringing indies East

Simon Zhu offers insight into the company's recent investment strategy, including smaller studios like Second Dinner and thatgamecompany

By Rebekah Valentine

PSN name changes launch today

PS4 owners may change their names once for free, but may experience issues in a number of popular games

By Rebekah Valentine

YouTube creating interactive narratives

Video service establishes new unit to produce original Bandersnatch-style content

By Brendan Sinclair

Vampyr sells over 1m copies

Dontnod renews partnership with Focus Home Interactive following title's success

Activision Blizzard pays employees for health tracking

Company gives $1 a day in gift cards to employees using a pregnancy-tracking app that allows HR to monitor aggregated data

By Brendan Sinclair

Digital Sun's Moonlighter has sold 500k copies

Hit indie RPG will get first paid DLC and a mobile "adaptation" this year

By Matthew Handrahan

Deep Silver to publish King Art Games' Iron Harvest

German developer cited Deep Silver's success with Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Metro Exodus as impetus behind the deal

Google Play hosting inappropriate games with kid-friendly ratings

Free-to-play games featuring violent content and gambling hit the platform thanks to reliance on developers to rate their own titles

By Brendan Sinclair

Black Desert franchise tops $1 billion in revenues

Pearl Abyss says multiplatform MMORPG franchise has reached milestone in less than four years

By Brendan Sinclair

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