There was only one thing missing from Nintendo's E3 | Opinion

It was a strong E3 for Nintendo again, but a bit of hardware would have made all the difference

By Christopher Dring

Game streaming has not arrived | Opinion

On-demand tech is everywhere at E3, but there are still more questions than answers

By Brendan Sinclair

Star Control legal dispute was resolved by a phone call and mutual love of beekeeping

Series creators and Stardock will work together on multiple games and exchange technology, honey and homemade mead

By James Batchelor

Destiny 2's migration to Steam is not a snub to the Epic Store

Bungie says that Valve's platform is just the first port of call for Destiny's PC community

By Matthew Handrahan

Bethesda's Pete Hines: "E3 needs to be something all of us support"

The Bethesda exec calls for the industry to decide the future look of E3 and to back it

By Christopher Dring

Nintendo partially pulls Switch production out of China to limit damage by US tariffs

Sources claim three Switch models -- the current, and two rumoured revamps -- are now being made in Southeast Asia

By James Batchelor

Frontier signs first deal as third-party publisher

A new project from Surviving Mars developer Haemimont Games will be the first signed to the Frontier Publishing label

By Matthew Handrahan

UK digital charts: GTA V No.1 but Blood & Truth was definitely the best-selling game

Rockstar's hit was the most downloaded title but digital sales for PSVR exclusive secure its position as overall UK No.1

By James Batchelor

Nintendo: Animal Crossing delay means avoiding crunch

Doug Bowser says Nintendo will delay games to ensure "employees have good work-life balance"

By Matthew Handrahan

Dauntless reaches 10 million players

Free-to-download co-op monster hunting RPG hits milestone less than a month after launch

By Rebekah Valentine

Breath of the Wild 2, Banjo-Kazooie and The Witcher 3 headline Nintendo's E3 2019 Direct

Platform holder also unveils Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Dark Crystal game, more Resident Evil ports and No More Heroes III

By James Batchelor

Phil Spencer: "It would be nice to buy a Japanese studio"

The head of Xbox on Game Pass, the impact of streaming, and why he's not afraid of Google

By Christopher Dring

Shenmue III is an Epic Games store exclusive on PC

Update: It appears Ys Net will not be issuing refunds for those upset at the game's removal from Steam

By Rebekah Valentine

"There is no downside to Game Pass," says Playground Games

Forza Horizon studio tells us how the Xbox subscription service has taken its series to even greater heights

By James Batchelor

Star Control creators settle legal battle with Stardock

Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III say dispute was settled "amicably and in a way where the fans are the biggest winners"

By James Batchelor

FromSoftware's Dark Souls series has now shipped 25m units

The franchise debuted in 2011, and has spanned three full titles

Microsoft ends Xbox One backwards compatibility efforts to focus on Project Scarlett

Reveals final titles to be added as it aims to make four generations of games work with next console

By James Batchelor

Facebook: $5m in Oculus Quest software sold since launch

VP of AR and VR Andrew Bosworth indicates size of the software market in Oculus Quest's first two weeks

By Matthew Handrahan

FFVII and Avengers bookend Square Enix's hour of announcements, commercials

Multiple retro remasters also announced, and a new title from Square Enix Collective

By Rebekah Valentine

Epic Games store offering a free game every week for 2019

Storefront to continue Epic Mega Sale offer for the rest of the year

Ubisoft fills E3 hour with Tom Clancy games and Watch Dogs Legion gameplay

Publisher also announces multiple new IP and a new subscription service, UPlay+

By Rebekah Valentine

Ubisoft enters subscription battleground with Uplay Plus

PC and Google Stadia service to include over 100 Ubisoft PC games

By Christopher Dring

Double Fine confirms no layoffs to publishing team after Xbox acquisition

Plans for Double Fine Presents are still "evolving," but it is committed to spotlighting original developers

By Matthew Handrahan

Publishers can put their own separate subscriptions on Google Stadia

Phil Harrison: Publishers with "bigger catalogs and more significant lineups" could put other subscriptions on top of Stadia Pro

By Rebekah Valentine

Xseed Games' controversial credits policy only names current staff members

Publisher says it "appreciates the hard work of everyone who contributes" but removes them from game credits if they leave

By James Batchelor

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