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Nintendo winds down operations in Russia, says it is "not affiliated" with local boss' import business

Platform holder says sales ban remains in place, may work with import company to handle customer repairs

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At a glance

  • Nintendo has said it is "aware" of but "not affiliated" with companies importing its products into Russia
  • Sales ban remains in place, Nintendo to wind down its operations in the country with majority of staff let go
  • Platform holder may use import company formed by Nintendo Russia general manager for repair and warranty services

Nintendo has said it is "not affiliated" with any companies importing its products into Russia following its ban on sales to that market last year.

That's according to a statement sent to following reports that Nintendo Russia's general manager Yasha Haddaji had formed a company, Achivka, to import its products into the market.

Russian news outlet Kommersant, spotted by Eurogamer, reported Haddaji founded Achivka in December 2022, nine months after Nintendo announced the ban.

Haddaji is said to be the majority owner, along with minority owner Ksenia Kachalova, who is reportedly also corporate events manager at Nintendo Russia.

Achivka's listed legal address is also the same as Nintendo Russia's headquarters.

In its statement, Nintendo said: "We are aware that several companies in Russia operate parallel imports of goods, including Nintendo products.

"Nintendo is not affiliated with such companies and has no involvement in parallel import activities in Russia."

However, Nintendo also said it may work with Haddaji's company to service existing customers in Russia.

"We continue to investigate solutions to honour preceding commitments to our customers in the Russian market," the company wrote. "In this vein and a spirit of transparency, we are in advanced discussions with potential suppliers of repair and warranty service for Nintendo products that had already been sold in the Russian market, with LLC Achivka being one such potential supplier."

Nintendo also gave an update on its status in Russia.

In the statement sent to, the company announced that not only has it suspended sales in the market, it has also decided to "wind down operations of its Russian subsidiary."

The platform holder will "maintain a minimal presence" in Russia to complete this process and fulfil any remaining legal, contractual or administrative requirements.

The company said that employees in its Moscow office have had their contracts "ended by mutual agreement" with individual compensation packages given to those affected. It is unclear whether this includes Haddaji and Kachalova, although the former's LinkedIn profile still lists his role as general manager of Nintendo Russia.

Haddaji was previously issued an official warning following a Nintendo investigation into an outburst during a livestream where he swore at colleagues.

In March 2022, Nintendo placed the Russian version of its eShop into maintenance mode, blocking all transactions, shortly after the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

A few days later, the company confirmed it was joining the wave of games firms declaring an official sales ban on Russia.

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