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Namco secures 95 per cent stake in D3P

Publisher buyout said to be worth nearly GBP 9 million, accounting for 19,990 shares

Namco Bandai has finalised its bid for D3 Publisher, acquiring 95 per cent of the company's total outstanding shares.

Approximately 19,990 shares of the Ben 10 publisher have been purchased at JPY 62,000 each (GBP 450), putting the buyout at a value of around GBP 9 million, according to Siliconera.

This news confirms reports made last month that claimed Namco Bandai intended to strengthen its portfolio by acquiring a large percentage of D3P.

Namco Bandai's stock is trading at JPY 956 (GBP 6.9), down 2.24 per cent from an opening of JPY 968 (GBP 7).