Warframe studio "expects no changes" under Tencent ownership

Digital Extreme says it will retain creative independence and autonomy

Tencent's acquisition of Leyou Technologies Holdings will have little to no effect on Warframe developer Digital Extremes, the studio has said.

Digital Extremes has been partly owned by Leyou since 2014, when the Chinese company purchased majority shares.

Now Leyou has been wholly acquired by Image Frame Investment, a Tencent subsidiary, concluding a year-long search for a buyer.

Despite the change in ownership, Canadian developer Digital Extremes assures fans it will retain creative independence.

"One of our core pillars is transparency and so we'd like to let you know what that means," the studio wrote in a blog post.

"We expect no changes to Warframe or how our studio operates, and we will remain as dedicated [as] ever to you, the community, who has been with us every step of the way since we launched Warframe."

The team emphasised that it will operate independently, maintaining control of Warframe and its direction.

"Tencent is well known for respecting the creative decisions and integrity of its studios, and for giving them the autonomy and independence to experiment, innovate and thrive," it wrote.

The acquisition of Leyou also gives Tencent full ownership of publisher Athlon Games and UK-based developer Splash Damage.

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