Microsoft tightens Xbox security to prevent DDOS attacks

Xbox players were being targeted through "random party invites" in multiplayer titles

Microsoft is phasing out peer-to-peer voice connections between players, in order to improve security for Xbox Live users.

A Reddit user warned Xbox players to refuse "random party invites" in Rainbow Six Siege, which was recently added to Game Pass.

"Players can DDOS your network through this using your IP address if you join," the Reddit user said, as reported by Pure Xbox.

Xbox engineer Bill Ridmann responded to the issue, saying that Microsoft is aware of the problem and is already taking steps to fix it.

"We are actually phasing out P2P voice connections for party chat completely, which we've been working on quite a bit in the background to stop this very problem," Ridmann said.

"We've been ramping up a larger percentage of parties to be completely server-based week over week -- so you don't make direct connections to other party members, so they cannot see your IP -- and soon should have no more P2P-based parties."

Ridmann also said that the Xbox mobile app already uses this server-based approach to forming parties.

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