CCP cancels World Of Darkness

56 jobs at Atlanta studio cut

CCP Games has cancelled the development of MMO World Of Darkness and as a result is cutting 56 jobs at its Atlanta studio.

CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson gave a statement regarding the decision.

"The decision to end the World of Darkness MMO project is one of the hardest I've ever had to make. I have always loved and valued the idea of a sandbox experience set in that universe, and over the years I've watched the team passionately strive to make that possible.

I would like to give special thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the World of Darkness MMO a reality, especially the team members affected by this decision. Their considerable contribution to CCP will not be forgotten, and we wish them well.

To our current and former employees and fans of World of Darkness, I am truly sorry that we could not deliver the experience that we aspired to make. We dreamed of a game that would transport you completely into the sweeping fantasy of World of Darkness, but had to admit that our efforts were falling regretfully short. One day I hope we will make it up to you.

Although this was a tough decision that affects our friends and family, uniting the company behind the EVE Universe will put us in a stronger position moving forward, and we are more committed than ever to solidify EVE as the biggest gaming universe in the world."

CCP has found jobs for some of the 56 affected employees in other areas of the business, and is offering severance packages and job placement assistance for the others.

World of Darkness was a "vampire simulator" and was first announced in 2006 and last year Chris McDonough, executive producer, reported the game was still in pre-production and the team was busy building tools.

The cancelled development means that CCP's portfolio is now entirely focused on the EVE universe.

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Renaud Charpentier Game Director, The Creative Assembly8 years ago
Darn! Wanted to play this one so much... Camarilla politics in real time... really hope it will come back!
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Adam Campbell Product Manager, Azoomee8 years ago
Not the first time I've witnessed the cancellation of an ambitious MMO with heaps of promise ;)

Complex situation I'm sure, hopefully the staff will be able to move onto new projects quickly. Good luck!
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