PSN users raise 500k for Japan disaster

Red Cross thanks "amazing contribution" from PlayStation gamers

Charity organisation the Red Cross has expressed its gratitude to PlayStation Network users for donations to help victims of the Japanese earthquake.

A total of 466,466 was raised for the Japanese Red Cross, a figure the organisation called an "amazing contribution. "

The money is intended to help "victims who have lost immediate family members; families whose homes were destroyed by the earthquake, tsunami or resulting fires; families whose homes were severely damaged; and households who have been required to evacuate."

Over 13,000 people died in the earthquake, with a further 14,000 still reported as missing. Donations via PSN began in March, although PSN was offline from early April until recently as a result of a security crisis.

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Jason Sartor Copy editor/Videographer, Florida Today6 years ago
Actually, I find this total to be a disappointing. 50 million PS3s out there, 77 million accounts. On average that is a penny per PlayStation 3.
Considering the amount of money gamers drop for DLC at $2, $3 for extra skins, armor, etc. this figure is rather sad.
Yes, I did contribute and donated through the PS3, and I understand not everybody could at this moment and some who own the system were affected by the disaster and other disasters (the U.S. with floods and tornadoes), but still, we should have been able to do due better than a penny per.

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Shane Sweeney Academic 6 years ago
But how many PSN regions had the option, I don't think Australia did.
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