Disney buys browser game engine dev Rocket Pack

Pays a reported $10-20m for Finnish HTML5 studio

Disney has acquired Finnish game engine developer Rocket Pack.

While Disney Interactive Media Group has stepped back from publishing retail games, it intends to move further into digital. Rocket Pack specialises in HTML5-based, browser game middleware, via its own Rocket Engine.

Stated a Disney spokesperson to TechCrunch, "We can confirm that The Walt Disney Company has acquired Rocket Pack, an integrated solution for plugin-free browser game development.

"Through a merger agreement, Rocket Pack is now a wholly owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company reporting into Disney Interactive Media Group."

Rocket Engine is purported to be 'the only fully integrated solution for plugin-free browser game development,' and allows the publishing of games to many online devices without the need for an app store. The likes of the iPad is already supported, as no software is required beyond its own browser.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, but TechCrunch cites a source as claiming between $10 and 20 million was paid for Rocket Pack.

Following a dramatic restructuring which involved a number of lay-offs, Disney hopes to make its game division profitable again by 2013.

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Ben Furneaux Principal Designer 10 years ago
Great news for other HTML 5 based game platforms ;)
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Finland is pulling of some great things these years...
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Ryan Duffin Animator 10 years ago
Well done Rocket Pack and well done, Disney! There's an awful lot of brains in that little company. Go Finland!
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Krasimir Koichev Producer, Riftforge10 years ago
Zynga bought one HTML5 engine, Disney - another. One has to wonder if they plan to use them or simply to shut down possible competition.
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