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Wonderland Online

Human pet info.

Human pets are exceptionally popular in-game companions in Wonderland Online ( http://wl.igg.com). In the coming expansion, three new human pets are created.

1. Sam

School: Water

Special Skill: Fury Strike & Water Shield

Special Weapon: Wolf Soul (ATK: +20, MaxHP: +10)

Introduction: This super cool Werewolf got himself trapped by the sharp teeth of a Steel Trap, when a brave player chose to rescue him. To show his gratitude and loyalty, he has vowed to help players as they journey through the land.

Sam is good with the sword; he also has great attack skills as well as assistant skill that increase his defense.

Attributes at the top level (HP: 1559; SP: 399)

ATK:515; DEF:538; MAT:309; MDF:411; SPD:394; STR:118; CON:80; INT:15; WIS:6; AGI:42

2. Victoria

School: Fire

Special Skills: Fire Strike & Fiery Attack

Special Weapon: Victoria’s Sword (SPD: +32, ATK: +28)

Introduction: She was adopted by Zhenghe who later was kidnapped. Victoria swore to find the culprits and got her father back. She decided to join forces with our players in an effort to track him down.

She has a fantastic pair of bi-swords; with which she can take advantage of her amazing Fire Strike skill.

Attributes at the top level (HP: 1958; SP: 805)

ATK:532; DEF:585; MAT:334; MDF:462; SPD:416; STR:67; CON:107; INT:8; WIS:29; AGI:54

3. Louis

School: Water

Special Skills: Four Running Fire & Snipe

Special Weapon: Louis’ Gun (ATK: +35 Max.HP:+100)

Introduction: A talented sharpshooter with an itchy gun finger. He dreams of fighting all comers to prove himself to be one of the world’s best fighters.

It has to be said that he is a demon with his favorite gun.

Attributes at the top level (HP: 1913; SP: 982)

ATK:423; DEF:580; MAT:295; MDF:484; SPD:354; STR:72; CON:104; INT:8; WIS:39; AGI:20

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