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Roblox letting developers offer subscriptions for experiences

Subscriptions "would help creators potentially increase the predictability of their earnings," the company says

Roblox announced plans to build tools for developers to create subscriptions within their experiences.

In a blog post from VP of economy Enrico D’Angelo published on July 18, he outlined that subscriptions "would help creators establish a recurring economic relationship with their users and potentially increase the predictability of their earnings."

These tools "will ensure users have a steady flow of content that's relevant to them," he added, though the company didn't provide further details about its plans at this stage.

D’Angelo highlighted that creators drive Roblox's economy. In 2022, they earned $624 million from selling virtual items and experiences via one-time fees, and an additional $182 million during the first quarter of this year, he said.

D’Angelo added that the company's goal "has long been to make Roblox a place where economic opportunity abounds" and that it should be "seamless for everyone."

He also suggested that in the future, Roblox plans to offer "the ability to purchase real-world goods within an experience."

Earlier this year, children's advertising watchdog BBB National Programs said Roblox didn't adequately disclose advertisements to children under the age of 13.

In 2021, an investigation from People Make Games highlighted how Roblox business model is exploiting its younger user base. The outlet published a follow up a few months later, highlighting further contentious aspects of the platform's business model.

Earlier this week, the company was called out by employees for a culture of marginalisation and a lack of diversity in its workforce.

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