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Volition, Inc.

Sorry, but we don't have a description for this company yet.

Recent articles about Volition, Inc.

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Mike Kulas and Matt Toschlog establish Revival Productions, launch Kickstarter for new project Overload

Saints Row's Jaros joins Valve

Steve Jaros was creative director on in-development project Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

Volition: Sarkeesian right to criticize Saints Row

"We never call a woman a 'ho' in Saints Row 4" says creative director

Volition plans to add 100 people to its team

Saints Row studio will reach 300, intends to remodel its Illinois office

Volition: Saints Row's tone doesn't hurt sales

Senior producer Jim Boon compares "juvenile elements" to The Hangover

Saints Row IV is the series' “logical conclusion”

Volition is throwing everything behind the fourth Saints Row

Volition founder steps down after 18 years

VP of product development Dan Cermak to take president role


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