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Telltale Games revival is aiming for a "stable, non-crunch work environment"

"We are a new company - with different ownership and management, and a different approach as to how we structure a studio"

LCG Entertainment relaunches Telltale Games brand

New owners are "working very hard" to avoid mistakes of previous management

Minecraft Story Mode for Xbox 360 gets massive price hike

Episodes temporarily selling for $99.99 each to give existing owners a window to download the game while discouraging new sales

Support for Telltale's Minecraft: Story Mode will end this month

"As you might have heard, its publisher is no longer in business," Mojang said

All Telltale Games to be pulled from GOG next week

Eight more series to be removed, but 2K is working on getting Tales from the Borderlands reinstated to digital storefronts

Insomniac Games hires Telltale lead writer

The Walking Dead: The Final Season scribe Mary Kenney starts at the Spider-Man studio in 2019

Telltale's The Walking Dead back in development

Skybound begins work on final two episodes with some original team members

Telltale undergoing liquidation, removing games from Steam

Back to the Future, Tales of Monkey Island de-listed, employee health benefits set to end soon

A post-mortem of Telltale Games

Speaking at Sweden Game Conference 2018, former Telltale narrative designer Emily Grace Buck says it's time for a “really serious conversation about potentially starting a union”

Skybound "fully expect" third episode of The Walking Dead's final season to launch this year

CEO Ian Howe said reuniting the Telltale team is difficult due to people moving on, and others not wanting to come back

Remaining Telltale staffers laid off - Report

UPDATE: Former narrative designer confirms her "skeleton crew" lost their jobs, but "there are still good people at the company"

Telltale reportedly searching for partner to finish Walking Dead by hiring its former devs

Third episode is supposedly almost finished, would be completed with the fourth by Telltale vets as contract employees

Telltale Games and the lure of the cliff edge

Disastrous studio collapses are a fixture of the industry - and that won't change until we stop celebrating the brinksmanship of executives

Telltale pulls season passes for The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Studio still in talks for avenues to complete season after laying off majority of its workforce last week

Telltale Games could have been saved by AMC, Smilegate deal

But both firms reportedly pulled out the day before the studio was forced to lay off 90% of its staff

Former Telltale employees sue studio for labor law violations in mass layoff

Class action lawsuit alleges company violated WARN Act in not providing advance notice of termination

Telltale Games was scuppered by failed finance round

Sources suggest Lionsgate abandoning 'super show' project caused mass layoffs

Telltale: "Multiple potential partners" could save The Walking Dead's final season

Clementine's story may yet be finished, but Netflix is looking for other options to make its Stranger Things game

Walking Dead's final season unlikely to be completed amid Telltale woes

Clementine actor Melissa Hutchison says second episode will be the final one completed


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