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Krafton's H1 2023 sees a 2% sales dip

The publisher says that Battleground Mobile India has been performing well since its ban lifted

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PUBG publisher Krafton's H1 2023 earnings were down 2% year-over-year, reaching $704 million in consumer spending.

Here's what you need to know about the financial earnings from the three months.

The Numbers:

  • Sales: $704 million (925.7 billion KRW), down 2% year-on-year
  • Operating Profit: $315 million (414.5 billion KRW), down 14% year-on-year
  • Net Profit: $300 million (395.7 billion KRW), down 10% year-on-year

The Highlights:

The report notes that PUBG drew in more than 2 million new users per month across PC and console versions. The firm also noted that PUBG Mobile's royal pass "secured stable sales."

Krafton also said that Battleground Mobile India performed well. The game was granted a three-month trail period by authorities after a year-long ban regarding data security concerns.

The firm said, "In particular, the PUBG Mobile India service was resumed in May, and traffic in India is recovering. In the second half of the year, we plan to focus more on the Indian market by adding Indian localized content and holding large-scale esports events."

Looking ahead

Krafton's report went on to say that under its "scale-up the creative" business strategy, it aims to strengthen its game development and publishing operations.

The games firm notes that it and its subsidiary studios have more than 20 titles in development. The Bird That Drinks Tears, Project Black Budget, and Project Gold Rush are among the games being created.

The game publisher's earnings report also said, "Deep learning technology is being introduced into the field with the goal of discovering new games and increasing production efficiency."

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