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Judge rejects Google's attempt to push Epic case to October 2022

Fortnite firm has suggested February 2021 as judge tells both companies to "get moving"

Google's suggestion of dealing with the lawsuit it faces from Epic Games in two years' time has been rejected.

Esports Observer reports that Judge James Donato, who is overseeing the case, told both Epic and Google that such a delay in starting the case would be unacceptable.

Donato is open to the two parties agreeing on a date together, but warned them they should "get moving."

Epic has suggested starting the case in February 2021.

The firm filed a lawsuit against Google back in August after the company removed Fortnite from the App Store.

As with the ongoing Apple case, this was due to Epic introducing direct payments and bypassing the 30% commission Google takes for every sale and in-game transaction from apps distributed via the Google Play marketplace.

Epic is arguing that while Google, unlike Apple, allows alternative ways to download apps, it still pushes users and app makers towards Google Play, meaning said alternatives are less viable or profitable and ultimately forcing people into a marketplace with a 30% cut.

In early September, Google claimed it had still not received an official complaint from Epic while the Fortnite firm focused on its dispute with Apple.

The internet giant also asked that its own battle with Epic be kept separate from that of Apple due to distinct differences between the two mobile marketplaces.

The trial for Epic vs Apple has been set for May 2021. Both parties declined a trial by jury.