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Apple approves Epic Games Store for iOS after rejecting it twice

This follows Epic sharing concerns of DMA violation with the European Commission

Apple has approved a notarisation submission made by Epic Games Store after twice rejecting it.

While developers are now able to release software for iOS without distributing it through Apple's App Store, the company still requires it to go through a notary service. According to its developer guidelines, this system "scans software for malicious content, checks for code-signing issues, and returns the results to you quickly."

On July 5, Epic shared on social media that the tech firm has rejected the iOS version of its game store twice. It said Apple claimed there were similarities between Epic's "Install" and Apple's "Get" buttons, in addition to labels for in-app purchases.

Epic said it was using the "same naming conventions that are used across popular app stores on multiple platforms, and [is] following standard conventions for buttons on iOS apps" to build "a store that mobile users can easily understand."

"Apple's rejection is arbitrary, obstructive, and in violation of the DMA, and we've shared our concerns with the European Commission," it added. "Barring further roadblocks from Apple, we remain ready to launch the Epic Games Store and Fortnite on iOS in the EU in the next couple of months."

Apple then informed Epic it had accepted its notarisation submission. The following day, Epic shared in another post that Apple is "still demanding [it] change the user interface in a future version" which the platform holder is disputing.

The Epic Games Store and Fortnite will launch sometime this year following the approval of the EU's Digital Markets Act, which allows alternative payments and app stores on Apple devices.

Earlier this year, Epic argued that Apple violated the DMA after initially blocking its bid to launch on iOS.

Last month, the EU Commission found that Apple's rules of engagement did not comply with the DMA as it "prevent[s] app developers from freely steering consumers to alternative channels for offers and content."

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