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Introducing our next wave of Game Changers

Find out more about the folks working harder to make the games industry a better place is expanding its Game Changers series from a collection of short profiles to in-depth interviews exploring the work of people who are going above and beyond to make the games industry a better place – and you can read them all here.

Game Changers celebrates individuals and groups who are pulling out all the stops to improve diversity, accessibility, mental health, community building, and more. These folks hail from every corner of the world, and different walks of life, but all are working hard to address the imbalances felt in the industry today.

Everyone featured has been nominated by their peers and selected by the editorial team. They are then interviewed about the work they do, how they came into their role, and what games companies can do to support their efforts.

Rather than being an editorial event run at a specific time of year, Game Changers is now a regular feature on Nominations are open permanently and we want your suggestions. Just send us their name, pronouns, a couple of paragraphs on why you think they are a good fit for the series, and any relevant/helpful links to

You can find links to Game Changer articles below. More will be added as each one is published.

Game Changers began in 2020 with short profiles on 100 candidates, with more added in 2021.

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