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IN-FUSIO Announces Blockbuster Line-Up For Xmas 2005

We, at IN-FUSIO, thought that you'd be interested in hearing about the cracking Christmas line-up that we're bringing to your handsets this autumn.

The following range of mobile games will be marketed in the run up to Christmas and includes popular brands and titles across all genres, age groups and skill levels.

"The mobile games industry is still one of the fastest growing sectors in entertainment", stated Michael Nürnberg Publishing Director EMEA, IN-FUSIO. "IN-FUSIO is excited to launch its strongest Autumn product line-up in history. We are very proud of the high calibre of our products and brands and certainly have found a well-balanced mix of titles for J2ME, BREW, EGE, WINDOWS MOBILE and I-MODE enabled mobile devices. Several of our games will offer online multi-player capabilities, a feature that will become even more important to our industry in the near future. This line-up proves that we are absolutely committed to bringing mobile gamers around the world great interactive content on multiple platforms and devices!"

This year's Christmas line-up represents something very special for IN-FUSIO. Beside the company's first real 3D-racing game for J2ME-handsets ("Red Out Racer") and a Flash-based action-title based on the highly successful "Terminator" movies, IN-FUSIO offers "Age Of Empires® II: Mobile", the mobile version of one of the most successful PC-strategy-games worldwide, for over 300 different handsets making it available for a really impressive number of mobile gamers.

Available for EGE, IN-FUSIO's unique gaming and community platform, will be games like Banjo & Kazooie Mobile and It's Mr. Pants (both based on the GBA games by Rare), Worms, Star Wars: Episode III and many others.

Review packages are available on request for Red out Racer, Munsters Pinball, Asterix and Age of Empires II

Below is additional information on the IN-FUSIO titles that mobile gamers can expect to purchase and play before Christmas 2005:

Age Of Empires® II: Mobile

Release date: October 2005

Genre: Strategy

Platforms: Java, ExEn, I-Mode (Windows Mobile + EGE in January 2006)

Age of Empires® II: Mobile: a new "AGE" is upon you! Play the mobile version of the greatest strategy game ever. Lead your civilisation to victory through 4 time periods, with 13 types of buildings and 7 types of units to control.

Red Out Racer

Release date: October 2005

Genre: Action-Racer

Platform: Java (JSR-184 & Mascot Capsule)

Get ready for a racing-experience that will take your breath away. Red Out Racer takes advantage of today's mobile phone's 3D-capabilities to take you on a journey right into the world of futuristic pod racing. Chose your pod, customise its look and head for the first of many tournaments against the best pilots of the galaxy. Improve your skills, use exciting pick-ups and be a top-notch pod pilot.

Asterix: Rescue Obelix

Release date: October 2005 (Java)

Genre: Platform

Platforms: Java, ExEn, EGE

The Gaulish village is in peril! Obelix disobeyed Getafix's strict orders and drank a whole cauldron of magic potion. He has now turned into stone and has been captured by the Romans. Help Asterix rescue his companion through the 12 levels of this action game. Use various bonuses to get through the forest, the Roman camp and the dolmens. Prepare for some rough and tumble!

The Munster's Pinball

Release date: October 2005

Genre: Video-Pinball

Platform: Java

The well-known Munster's family invites you to their scary mansion in order to make you experience a unique video-pinball machine that will take your breath away. Join Herman in his garage and Grandpa in his laboratory while aiming for a new high-score.

It's Mr. Pants

Release date: xxx 2005

Genre: Puzzle

Platform: Java

Rare's mascot, the eccentric underwear-clad scribble figure Mr. Pants, has taken some time off to put together a series of addictive challenges for mobile puzzle fans. Based on Rare's latest Game Boy Advance title, It's Mr. Pants offers hours of brain-straining twists and turns. The Puzzle, Marathon and Wipeout modes challenge you to both create and eliminate shapes as quickly and efficiently as possible - how much progress you can make before the underwear-themed craziness gets to you?

In early 2006 a multiplayer-version of this title will also be available that will allow gamers to experience exciting real-time-competitions in the world of Mr. Pants.

Rambo On Fire

Release date: November 2005

Genre: Action

Platforms: Java, ExEn

In the Age of Global Terrorism, the world needs Rambo more than ever. The world needs a man of action....not words, a man who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty in the trouble spots of the world. A man who can cut through the red tape of bureaucracy with a hunting knife and take down the bad guys wherever they may be hiding. Take on the role of Rambo, the super-warrior who faces incredible odds but packs a lot of heat.

Battlestar Galactica

Release date: November 2005

Genre: Action

Platform: Java

Based on the science-fiction hit-series from 2004 players experience the fight between the last remains of a human space-civilisation and the evil empire of Cylon, artificial life-forms once created by mankind that turned against their creator. The game offers fabulous shooter action over 20 levels that capture the spirit and atmosphere of the successful TV show.

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