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Here's everything the team is doing at EGX 2023

Fireside chats with Sam Lake and Peter Molyneux, Sea of Thieves and Banjo-Kazooie panels, and (of course) the GI Academy and Investment Summit

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This week, EGX returns to London's Excel Centre – and will be there in full force.

As always, we will be hosting the returning Investment Summit in the venue's Platinum Suite on Thursday, October 12, plus four days of presentations and portfolio reviews in the newly interactive GI Academy Zone on the show floor.

And our head of games B2B Chris Dring and editor-in-chief James Batchelor have been involved with the EGX content team, arranging some of the must-see sessions on the various stages throughout the show.

Here's a full rundown of everything the team is working on at this week's event:

GI Academy Zone
Thursday, October 12 - Sunday, October 15 | GI Academy Zone
The annual careers fair that is the GI Academy Zone will once again return to EGX this week, featuring talks, panels and one-to-one portfolio reviews by experts from PlayStation, Larian Studios, Rare, Media Molecule, Sports Interactive, Rebellion, Splash Damage, and more. You can check out the full four-day schedule right here.

Investment Summit
Thursday, October 12 | 9am - 6pm | Platinum Suite

Once again giving developers what they need to know about getting their games funded, this year's Investment Summit will feature talkies from TikTok, Maverick Games, Square Enix Collective, Creative Growth Finance and more – plus meetings throughout the day with publishers and investors. You can see the full schedule here.

Fable 2: 15 Years Later
Thursday, October 12 | 2pm - 3pm | EGX Theatre

Celebrating 15 years of Lionhead's seminal action RPG, James Batchelor is joined by Peter Molyneux to discuss the development of Fable 2, how it built upon the success and strengths of the original, and how well it stands up today

Pitch your game to developers
Thursday, October 12 | 4.30pm - 5.30pm | Community Hub

James Batchelor is hosting a session in which EGX attendees can pitch your game to a panel of expert developers – Rami Ismail, Interior Night's Caroline Marchal, and Team Artichoke's Moo Yu – who will then just their ideas (nicely).

The Horror! How to terrify gamers in 2023
Friday, October 13 | 12pm - 1pm | EGX Theatre

No Code’s Jon Mckellan (Silent Hill: Townfall/Alien: Isolation), Supermassive Games’ Will Doyle (The Dark Pictures Anthology), Teravision’s Luis “LD” Zambrano (Killer Klowns) and Illfonic’s Jared Gerritzen (FEAR/Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed/Predator: Hunting Grounds) join Chris Dring to discuss making horror games and what it takes to frighten gamers in 2023.

The return of Alan Wake: Fireside chat with Remedy's Sam Lake
Friday, October 13 | 3pm - 4pm | EGX Theatre

Chris Dring will be joined by Sam Lake to discuss the long-awaited return of Alan Wake 2, the journey to finally getting the sequel greenlit, and why Alan Wake remains a cult favourite

Celebrating 25 years of Banjo-Kazooie
Saturday, October 14 | 2pm - 3pm | EGX Theatre

With Mario's bear-and-bird rivals now part of gaming for a quarter of a century, Chris Dring is joined by developers Ed Bryan, Chris Sutherland, and Steve Mayles, plus composer Grant Kirkhope to reflect on the highs and lows of this fan-favourite series

The past, present and future of Football Manager
Saturday, October 14 | 2pm - 3pm | Community Hub

With Football Manager 24 aiming to be the definitive entry in the series, and next year's title marking the beginning of a new era, James Batchelor speaks to Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson about the franchise's journey so far

More tales from the Sea of Thieves
Saturday, October 14 | 3.30pm - 4.30pm | EGX Theatre

Is it even EGX if Chris Dring is not speaking to the Sea of Thieves developers? With Rare's pirate multiplayer epic going from strength to strength, this panel will cover the latest developments in the game and what lies on the horizon

The Games Show Showdown
Saturday, October 14 | 6.30pm - 7.30pm | EGX Theatre

As EGX's biggest day draws to a close, James Batchelor and Eurogamer's Bertie Purchese present the ultimate video games-centric game show, with two panels of journalists from across the ReedPop network battling for glory

The story of Mario + Rabbids, with Davide and Grant
Sunday, October 15 | 12.30pm - 1.30pm | EGX Theatre

Creative director Davide Soliani and his nemesis/best friend Grant Kirkhope join Chris Dring to discuss the origins of the Mario + Rabbids games, and the making of two of Nintendo Switch's most unusual (and brilliant) video game

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