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Get Games to launch download service

Serious Sam HD deal will headline today for new digital distribution company

New digital distribution company Get Games, co-founded by the Eurogamer Network and Mastertronic's Andy Payne, has launched.

The new site will offer a range of titles for download, including new releases, indie and classic titles, with a headline offer for users of Serious Sam HD for GBP 9.99.

According to Eurogamer Network MD Rupert Loman, now is the right time to bring the service to market, and that most publishers have already signed up to it.

"The market is ready," he told GamesIndustry.biz. "A lot of the difficult ground work has already been done by others and everyone in the industry is now working on their digital plans - so it's been a relatively easy sell to content creators who are looking to maximise their revenues from as many different routes as possible.

"[The publishers] got it straight away. We've already signed most of the major publishers, alongside some independent developers too. And they are particularly excited that we have a network of websites in 10 European languages and will be taking Get Games across the continent very soon."

He added that the company aims to "shake the market up a bit" - a space currently dominated by Valve's Steam platform, although he doesn't see that as an issue.

"Clearly for the PC, the Get Games service makes a huge amount of sense and the model has already been proven to work with Steam," he explained. "The most exciting thing for me is to see console content starting to be purchased via the web - which is still a more intuitive place to buy content than places like PlayStation Network.

"We have the hundreds of thousands of gamers on our sites every day, and we know what they like, so this is a huge new opportunity for the console platforms."

The full interview with Rupert Loman is live now. The site will launch at 8pm GMT/ 12pm PST today, alongside the release of Serious Sam HD.

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