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GamesIndustry.biz presents… The Year In Numbers 2022

Our annual infographic returns to reveal the best-selling games, biggest mobile markets, global revenue and more

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2022 has been a busy year for GamesIndustry.biz (and continues to be so. Could the news slow down please? It's nearly Christmas). Brendan has already taken an in-depth look at the biggest stories of the past twelve months in This Year In Business, but it's time to look at good ol' statistics.

Yes, it's our annual Year In Numbers infographic in which we condense everything you need to know about where the global games industry stands into a single (but very long) JPG. In the graphs and tables below you'll find:

  • The global games market value (courtesy of Newzoo)
  • Total boxed vs digital revenues (also via Newzoo)
  • The biggest mobile games, publishers and countries, both by revenue and downloads (thank you, Sensor Tower)
  • The best-selling games in the UK (from GfK), US (from The NPD Group) and Japan (from Famitsu)
  • The most covered games and companies (provided by ICO)
  • The biggest influencers, most watched trailers, most tweeted/retweeted games, and the titles with the most retail placements (courtesy of Fancensus)
  • Plus, our own tallies of the highest and lowest rated games of the year, and the number of new releases vs new IP from the biggest publishers

So, without any further ado, GamesIndustry.biz presents… The Year In Numbers 2022: