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New games website launched by assorted industry worthies; print magazine to follow.

For Immediate Release:

Edinburgh, Scotland, July 8th, 2008. Fidget, a brand new website and magazine dedicated to videogaming for real people, was launched today at www.fidgetonline.com

The website is now live and the first issue of the print magazine, which will be distributed free through shops, bars, clubs and games stores, is due later this year.

Created by a group of industry experts, dedicated gamers, experienced journalists and reviewers, Fidget covers every area of gaming, not just the major consoles.

Fidget promises accessible, useful and interesting reviews of games – no matter where they can be found or played. Whether you play games online through your web browser, on your mobile phone, your iPhone, iPod, PSP, DS, PC, Mac, digital TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, or even your fancy new digital fridge – you'll find the latest news and reviews on Fidget.

Josh Wilson, the managing editor of Fidget, said, “The whole culture of gaming is changing. It's no longer just the PC and home consoles which now offer games. More and more people are playing games on the web browser in the office, on their mobile phone on the bus, or even on their digital TV. Yet finding information and reviews for these new titles can be very difficult – if not impossible. Fidget aims to change all of this and offer a new and inclusive approach to gaming. If you're a hardcore games nut, a complete beginner or somewhere in between, we aim to have something you can read, find, play and enjoy.”

The Fidget team includes gamers and journalists from across the industry. The launch team members have written games news and reviews for national newspapers, lifestyle magazines, dedicated games titles, radio and television.

The section editors are:

• Josh Wilson – Managing Editor – josh@fidgetonline.com

• Dave Cook – Features Editor – dave@fidgetonline.com

• Philip Roberts – Online Editor – philip@fidgetonline.com

• Graeme Strachan – Consoles Editor – graeme@fidgetonline.com

• Brian Baglow – Mobile Editor / Advertising Manager – brian@fidgetonline.com

There are a limited number of advertising opportunities and partnership placements within the new website. The team is also planning the magazine launch to coincide with the Interactive Festival, which takes place in Edinburgh in August 2008.

For more information on Fidget, the website, editorial team or print launch, contact Josh Wilson: josh@fidgetonline.com

“Is it fun? That's the question everybody needs answered when it comes to games.” says Josh. “Whether it's a full price console game, or a free download, people need to know whether it's worth their while. We want to be the place they turn to when they're asking that question. Forget the middleware technology the developer used, ignore the lighting effects and don't assume everything with a license attached is going to be awful. People want to know what's fun and that's what we plan to tell them.

Fidget can be found online at: www.fidgetonline.com


Notes To Editors:

About Fidget

Fidget is a brand new consumer magazine covering the broadest possible range of videogames.

Created by a team of experienced journalists, gamers and industry types, Fidget offers a new take on the rapidly evolving industry and culture of gaming.

Fidget launched online in June 2008 and will shortly be joined by a print publication, which will be distributed free of charge through leading retailers, bars, clubs and other popular locations.

Fidget aims to be independent, accessible and FUN!

Find Fidget online: www.fidgetonline.com

Fidget is limited company, registered in Scotland. Registration number: SC337580

Company address: The The Drill Hall, 30-38 Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh EH6 8RG


Managing Editor

Josh Wilson

E: josh@fidgetonline.com

PR, Advertising, Mobile

Brian Baglow

E: brian@indoctrimat.com

M: +44 (0) 7747 792247


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