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Epic Games acquires Harmonix

Rock Band maker says it will continue supporting existing titles as it creates "musical journeys" for Fortnite

Today Epic Games announced that it has acquired Rock Band maker Harmonix.

The publisher said that the Fuser developer will work along with it to create "musical journeys" and gameplay for Fortnite. It will also continue to support its existing games such as Rock Band 4.

Harmonix said that current DLC plans for Rock Band will continue until next year, while Fuser and other titles will remain on Steam and consoles. Also, with regards to older games' servers being taken down, the studio said it isn't planning to change the way it supports its older titles.

"Harmonix has always aspired to create the world's most beloved interactive music experiences, and by joining Epic we will be able to do this at scale," said co-founder and chairman of Harmonix Alex Rigopulos.

"Together we will push the creative boundaries of what's possible and invent new ways for our players to make, perform and share music."

The Rock Band creator joins a number of other acquisition Epic has made this year, including Sketchfab, ArtStation, Tonic Games Group, Capturing Reality, Rad Game Tools, and a mall to serve as its new headquarters.

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