AFL-CIO urges games industry to unionize

Largest US union federation publishes open letter telling game workers to "demand a stake in your industry"

By Rebekah Valentine

Next Games laying off 26 staff to cut costs

The Walking Dead: Our World developer seeks to minimise damage caused by €17 million losses

By James Batchelor

From pages to polygons: The storytelling of Metro Exodus

Metro 2033 author Dmitry Glukhovsky on working with 4A Games and why he wants more games based on books

By James Batchelor

Battle of Polytopia dev donating IAP revenue to solar energy firm

Sales of Zebasi tribe will help fund solar energy for rural communities in emerging markets

God of War sweeps 2019 DICE Awards

Meanwhile, Halo boss Bonnie Ross welcomed into Hall of Fame and Celeste wins two categories

By James Batchelor

Apex Legends: Critical Consensus

Respawn's surprise release praised for its polish and innovative mechanics, hailed as the future of battle royale

By James Batchelor

Ubisoft partners with Mozilla on AI coding assistant

Clever-Commit promises to quickly identify and fix bugs from code changes

By Haydn Taylor

Reawakening the fears of the past with Resident Evil 2

Producer Tsuyoshi Kanda on prioritising emotional responses over specific mechanics when remaking a beloved classic

By Rebekah Valentine

Activision Blizzard reportedly shutters King's Seattle studio

Update: King communication manager confirms that Seattle and San Francisco studios have closed

By Rebekah Valentine

Activision Blizzard sees "record year," plans to lay off hundreds

Company prepares for "transition year" as it refocuses on development of core franchises, cuts back on admin and under-performing initiatives

By Rebekah Valentine

Image & Form: The steam-powered journey to self-sufficiency

How SteamWorld innovates through accessibility and the challenges of hopping across new genres in the same series

By Haydn Taylor

Novaquark opens Montreal studio, hires ex-Eidos exec Stéphane D'Astous

Former general manager of the studio behind Tomb Raider reboot and Deus Ex: Human Revolution leading new Dual Universe team

By James Batchelor

Dark Slope secures $1.5 million in seed funding

Toronto-based VR developer to use funds for future VR and AR experiences following release of Scarygirl Mission Maybee

By Rebekah Valentine

Unity reportedly considering IPO for 2020

But engine provider will only float if market conditions are favourable, sources claim

By James Batchelor

Sonic Mania dev Christian Whitehead co-founds new studio Evening Star

Retro tech behind Sega's best-selling platformer will become studio's proprietary Star Engine

By James Batchelor

Supercell revenue down second year in a row as titles reach revenue milestones

CEO Ilkka Paananen remains optimistic, outlines plan for studio to become carbon-neutral in 2019

By Rebekah Valentine

"We had a bush-fire back then, but we're about to go through a flash-fire now"

League of Geeks and Fellow Traveller on the collapse of government funding in Australia, and the difficulties its fledgling studios will face in the years ahead

By Matthew Handrahan

Sumo Digital opens new mobile studio in Leamington Spa

Crackdown 3 developer hires Sega Hardlight founder Chris Southall, tells us this was “catalyst” for opening seventh studio

By James Batchelor

Telltale veterans assemble AdHoc Studio

Team looks to past narrative experience as well as the popularity of "Bandersnatch" for upcoming, unannounced project

By Rebekah Valentine

Tearing down the lone developer myth

Iconoclasts creator Joakim Sandberg says developers should learn from his mistakes rather than follow his example

By Brendan Sinclair

King signs Tech Talent Charter to drive diversity

Candy Crush Saga developer is first UK games company to pledge to the initiative

By James Batchelor

Ex-Wargaming, Riot employees form Ganymede Games

Jerry Prochazka and Lynn Stetson co-found Las Cruces studio, taking advantage of special state tax credit

By Rebekah Valentine

Skybound-Beamdog deal to bring classic PC RPGs to console

Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate ll, Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment, and Neverwinter Nights coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch this year

Atari ST programmer Steve Bak dies at 66

Goldrunner, Cuthbert developer passes away after battle with diabetes

By Rebekah Valentine

Magic Leap prototype becomes Angry Birds' VR debut

Resolution Games' Tommy Palm shares the origins of the first virtual reality entry in the hit mobile series

By James Batchelor

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