Journey to the Savage Planet and an adventure in optimism

Typhoon Studios co-founders Alex Hutchinson and Reid Schneider describe the vision for their indie game, and how it will stand alongside AAA titles

By Rebekah Valentine

Daybreak Game Company lays off staff

Around 70 reportedly dismissed from H1Z1 development studio

By Rebekah Valentine

UK government pours 20m into creative industries

Investment includes 190,000 for UK Games Fund and 200,000 for Digital Schoolhouse

By James Batchelor

Supercell opening new coding school (without teachers or classes)

UPDATE: Hive Helsinki addresses concerns over ageism after limiting applications to 18 to 30-year-olds

By James Batchelor

Epic has actually listened to developers

An attractive revenue share isn't Epic's biggest promise for its new digital store; for many creators, a platform free of Steam's often-abused community features is essential

By Rob Fahey

"We must self-regulate loot boxes before it's too late"

Industry veterans call on their peers to help prevent games being aligned with the gambling business

By Christopher Dring

Brian Fargo: “I spent 50% of my time raising money”

InXile on Game Pass and why becoming a part of Microsoft is the 'holy grail' for ambitious games developers

By Christopher Dring

Server company Zeuz raises €3 million in funding

Munich-based b2b firm grew out of the consumer-facing GPortal

By Matthew Handrahan

Steam Link is now in beta for Raspberry Pi

Micro-computer costs less to buy than the now discontinued Steam Link hardware

By Matthew Handrahan

Epic is no longer developing Unreal Tournament

The current version will continue to be available, but no further updates are expected

By Matthew Handrahan

PUBG Mobile leads winners in Android Game of the Year Awards

20 titles celebrated for innovation, competitive multiplayers, and casual accessibility

By James Batchelor

Donut County and Gorogoa triumph in Apple Game of the Year Awards

Meanwhile, Apple Design Awards highlight Florence, Inside, Alto's Odyssey and more

By James Batchelor

Indie developers are unhappy with Steam's new revenue sharing tiers

Developers take to social media to voice concerns that Valve is pushing out indies as it courts AAA

By Rebekah Valentine

Jam City reportedly lays off large number of employees across multiple studios

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery developer undergoes "organizational changes" following multiple acquisitions

By Rebekah Valentine

Hajime Tabata announces new studio, JP Games

Final Fantasy XV director unveils new project after departing Square Enix

By Rebekah Valentine

CCP halts production of EVE-based FPS Project Nova

Icelandic studio is going "back to the drawing board" more than a year after announcement

By Matthew Handrahan

Valve adds revenue share tiers for developers

Other updates include confidentiality clarification to allow developers to share their own sales data

By Rebekah Valentine

Ubisoft acquires server company

Publisher hopes to strengthen online and multiplayer experiences with help of Dutch provider

By Rebekah Valentine

Console loot boxes haven't 'achieved the trust', says Gameloft

DLC: Plus the link between death metal drummers and Media Molecule's hiring process, and marketing tips from a sandwich shop

By James Batchelor

Pendula Swing developer launches indie branding service

Brindie launches in beta, offering store and social asset creation and other support services

By Rebekah Valentine

Wayforward to join development of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Shantae creators to bring side-scrolling action expertise to Iga's upcoming Metroidvania

IGDA calls for industry action on loot boxes

Developer group says publishers should clearly disclose odds, commit to not marketing loot boxes to children

By Brendan Sinclair

Voice actors launch free initiative to help developers improve their scripts

Mass Effect, Firewatch, and Gone Home voice actors found Specialized Workshops And Actor Tactics

By Haydn Taylor

Jam City opens new Toronto studio for Bingo Pop acquisition

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery developer acquires Bingo Pop IP and team from Uken Games

By Rebekah Valentine

The future of 2D gaming

YoYo Games' CTO Russell Kay speaks to developers about the benefits and burdens of building your game in two dimensions

By Russell Kay

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