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Datel Unveils Exciting New PS3 Range!

Get the most from your PlayStation 3 with these amazing peripherals…


March 28th, 2006 - Datel has lifted the lid on a great range of peripherals for your PS3. There's something for everyone here

Bluetooth Wireless Headset: £24.99/$49.99

Now's your chance to talk, strategise and control. Stay one step ahead of the opposition in online games with Bluetooth Wireless Headset for PS3! It's the ideal accessory for PlayStation 3 gamers who like to play online with gamers from all over the world. With your Bluetooth-enabled games console, you can trash-talk with your opponents, make new friends in the games lobby and organise your party in co-operative games. It's great for making hands-free calls with your Bluetooth mobile too!

Bluetooth Wireless Headset uses the Bluetooth 2.0 protocol for fast, reliable data transfer. It boasts a comfortable, over-the-ear design, crystal-clear sound and it charges in under an hour. A single charge is good for six hours talktime or 250 hours on standby. If you haven't got a headset, you're not getting the most out of your online gaming. Don't miss out any longer...

Communicator Headset: £14.99/$19.99

Cheer your buddies and jeer your foes! Whether you're going one on one in the latest sports sim, joining a party to mash the monsters in a MMORPG or indulging in first-person team-on-team action, playing with and against other people is much more fun when you can talk to them as well

Communicator Headset for PS3 boasts a comfortable, over-the-ear design and snazzy hi-tech look. With a microphone positioned near your mouth and an earpiece for crystal-clear sound, it lets you bark out your orders or taunt your opponents as you play. It connects to your PS3 via a cable, so it's ideal if you can't use a Bluetooth headset due to local conditions.

DataMAX: £14.99/$24.99

At last, you can transfer your game saves from your PlayStation 2 memory card direct to your PS3! Copy across all your saves, settings and rosters, then play your old PS2 games again using the PlayStation 3's backwards-compatibility features without losing your precious saved positions.

DataMAX can shift data from ANY PlayStation 2 card, not just official Sony 8MB cards. High-capacity 16MB, 32MB and even 64MB cards present no problems, and it works with Datel and NYKO cards as well as Sony's. You also get an application CD containing memory manager software to help you organise your files.

HD Component Cable: £14.99/$19.99

The PlayStation 3 has amazing graphics, but unless you're gaming in high definition, you're not getting the most out of your console. Luckily, Datel has come to the rescue again, bringing you high-definition viewing without breaking the bank

With the amazing HD Component Cable, you can connect your PS3 to a HD-ready television for high-definition gaming without spending a fortune. Our high-quality component cable gives you optimum picture quality, and is perfectly designed to match your PS3. It even has separate audio cables so you can connect the sound output to your stereo instead of your TV if you wish! The true games enthusiast can't do without HD Component Cable. It's the ultimate viewing solution, which takes your PS3 gaming to the next level.

MAX Drive 160: £99.99/$169.99

With MAX Drive 160 for PS3, you can expand your storage space by an incredible 160GB. Just plug it into your PS3, and you're ready to go. It's an ideal file transfer solution too. Plug it into your PC, then drag and drop your movies, music and pictures onto your MAX Drive. You can then take it to your console and plug it in once more, and you have easy access to access to everything you copied. You don't even need a network with MAX Drive 160. It's just plug and play!

But it's not just for media. With MAX Drive, you can store gamesaves and material downloaded from the PlayStation store, freeing up room on your PS3's hard drive, and moving it back when needed. MAX Drive 160 is the ultimate multimedia companion for the PS3. Buy one, and you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

WiFi MAX: £29.99/$39.99

WiFi MAX is the easy way to take your PS3 onine. Just plug the WiFi MAX dongle into your PC with broadband internet to create a high-speed wireless access point (WAP). You can then connect to it with your PS3, going online without trailing cables. WiFi MAX for PS3 provides a true Wireless 'G' access point, which is up to five times faster than a standard WiFi connection. You can also take other games systems like the NDS, Nintendo Wii and Sony PSP online with it, and even access the internet with your WiFi-enabled laptop or PDA!

WiFi MAX for PS3 contains everything you need to turn your PC into a wireless access point. There's the USB WiFi dongle, a stand that lets you position it for optimal coverage and a software application for your PC.

PowerBoard: £14.99/$19.99

The ideal companion for online gamers, PowerBoard is the only keyboard available for your PS3 games console. With a full-size computer-style keyboard and simple plug-and-play functionality, PowerBoard is perfect for online gaming. Save time typing messages to other players, and concentrate on the task in hand!

PowerBoard boasts a top-quality, professional-style keyboard, with a comfortable, tactile design. It includes a full range of function keys and a numeric keypad. It's ten-foot cable gives you plenty of room when using it, and best of all, it's been designed to match your PS3, so it won't look out of place sitting next to your console.

All these products will be in the shops soon, and can also be bought direct at www.codejunkies.com or by calling 08456 010 015.

Note for Editors:

For more information on all exciting products from Datel, please contact Ian Osborne on 01785 810816, or email ian.osborne@datel.co.uk.

About Datel:

Datel is the world's leading developer of videogame enhancement products for games consoles. For more than 20 years Datel has stayed at the forefront of the videogames industry by developing products that are innovative, inspirational, technologically advanced and above all, fun to use. It is this philosophy that has seen Datel's products consistently outperform all competitors. The company's famous flagship brand Action Replay is a global best seller on the PSP, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Game Boy Advance/SP, Nintendo DS and Xbox.

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