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Berserk Online

Collectible card game now playable in English, and for free too.

Milano, September 2009 - Kalicanthus announces that is available a new expansion set of Berserk Online, the collectible card game, playable in English at www.berserk-online.eu . Berserk is the most famous collectible card game in Russia and his online version joins the classical element of collectible card game together with strategy, becoming a unique and special card game.

Berserk online is a client MMO 100% Free to play. At the moment are playable more than 300 different cards. Registering a player receives 30 free cards and every day can participate to Realm War to gain the virtual currency and buy new cards. Every month there are a lot of Tournaments both for expert both for new players.

Here you are, a Mage.

You create your own legend.

You choose your own strategy.

Once you give an order, dozens of creatures rush to fight under your command: sons of the forest, dark elves, bog dwellers, mountain creatures, steppe tribes, all of them are thirsty for money and a blaze of glory.

Strength against Strength, Mind against Mind.

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher : Kalicanthus Entertainment

Price: Free to play

Kalicanthus Entertainment is a MMOG developer and publisher, Italian market leader and the only Italian operator publishing online games on the most important Italian Web portals. It born in 2006 thanks the past experience of same MMO players and same employees in former Italian MMO company which join together to create through passion and job a new, big Italian referral point for the MMO market. Surely Kalicanthus is a company with the larger experience in MMO market here in Italy and his way of acting is strongly based on players, because comes from players.


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