Dare to Be Digital names 15 finalists

Student competition teams with Turner Broadcasting for new creativity prize

Dare to be Digital has announced the 15 finalists for this year's student competition, and unveiled a new sponsorship collaboration with Turner Broadcasting.

The new Adult Swim award will go to the team judged best for creativity and gameplay, joining the three shortlisted titles gaining entry into the BAFTA Ones to Watch category for next year's BAFTA Video Game Awards.

"We are absolutely delighted to be working with Turner Broadcasting to make this year’s Dare to be Digital even bigger and better," commented Elaine Russell, project manager for Dare to be Digital. "It is particularly exciting that they have confirmed their increased involvement just as we unveil what is certain to be the most ambitious line up of finalists we have ever had in Dare.

"We congratulate the 75 talented students in our teams, who have made it through a very strict selection process," she added. "The students are already guaranteed a rich and rewarding experience through the mentoring they will receive from the UK’s major developers and through the chance of sharing their knowledge and time with many other students from different parts of the world.  

"The generous support from Turner Broadcasting and from our other sponsors will ensure that our students’ achievements during Dare to be Digital 2010 will enjoy an even higher profile within the industry."

The final games, format and teams, follow:

  • The Inkwell Chronicles (Wii) by Abnormal Creations
  • Mush (Windows 7 Phone) by Angry Mango
  • Grrr! (Wii) by Bears With Jetpacks
  • Silent Symphony (Wii) by Creative Genius
  • Weatherman (PC/Xbox 360) by eleMENTAL
  • Chayya (PC) by Gazhab
  • Death Inc. (PSPgo) by Grimnir Games
  • Dice Rolling (PC) by King of Dice
  • Milestone (Android) by Ramblin' Wreckage
  • Dyed World (PC) by Shark on a Bike
  • WiiKick (Wii) by Team Nevermind
  • Sculpty (iPad) by Team Tickle
  • Twang (Xbox 360) by That Game Studio
  • The River that Binds (PC) by Bazooka Duck
  • Wee Knights (PC) by Various Artists

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Gregor Manby Producer 9 years ago
Its good to see who my competitors are going to be! I look forward to seeing everyone in the competition ;)
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Kyle Hatch Software Engineer, Pennant International Services LTD9 years ago
And the first f*** up (very minor) from dare is before dare begins....Various artists are doing wee knights (titile very much subject to change, ideas appreciated) for the xbox 360, hell we'll probably throw a pc version out as well, as we're generous folk like that.

(Like we'll have lots of spare time)

Do we have competition from two other xbox 360 projects.....grrrrrr.....

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