Twitch acquires Internet Gaming Database

Acquisition will see Twitch feed database into discovery feature set

The Internet Gaming Database (IGDB) has been acquired by video streaming platform Twitch.

Founded in 2015, the IGDB aims to build a comprehensive catalogue of video games -- similar to the unrelated IMDb -- including details like genre, plot synopsis, reviews, game length, release dates, game modes, and characters.

First launched in 2014, the IGDB provides both a free and paid-for service though its developer API. However, following the Twitch deal, IGDB will now provide an entirely free service.

"Going forward, that means that you will now contribute information to Twitch as well as IGDB and the thousands of apps, services, and websites that are powered by this information," said IGDB product owner Jerome Richer De Forges in a blog post.

According to TechCrunch, the acquisition will see Twitch feeding the extensive IGDB data into its search and discovery feature set.

"This opportunity takes IGDB to a whole new level, giving us the opportunity to be an even bigger part of your gaming life," De Forges said.

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Sergey Ulankin Editor-in-Chief, RAWG2 years ago
That's some great news, of course! I sent my congrats to IGDB today's morning. A very logical acquisition with lots of synergy potential. Surely though, Twitch will find find many other interesting ways to incorporate the data into their product apart from “better search” which is funny (Twitch under Amazon can't make a sufficient search? Really?). I'd expect more fancy products on Twitch utilizing the data—from reco engines and discovery algorithms to creator and company pages.

We at RAWG also noticed much interest concerning multiplatform games database when we launched our own free API. Each day I reply to one or two letters from students, aspiring coders, startups, non-profits, researchers and international corps. Turns out there are not so many places where you can find good data on all games. And products from small bots on Reddit and Discord to huge search engines like Yandex are happy to use our API to provide better experience.

I think the market needs an easy-to-use solution to build new services and enrich existing ones. The deal between Twitch and IGDB shows that the market does not only need it but also actively seeks opportunities to get a hold of such data first. Let's hope that when IGDB releases their Pro-tier API for free in the future it will stay for a long while, so that a lot of other products can benefit from it.
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