Xbox One gets free game promotion

Microsoft giving one retail title of consumer's choice with every new system purchased next week

Microsoft is big on Xbox One bundles, pairing the system with games like Madden NFL 15, Titanfall, and Forza Motorsport 5. But in its latest effort to spark sales, it's effectively letting gamers create a bundle of their own choosing.

From September 7 through September 13, customers at participating retailers in the US will be able to get a retail Xbox One game of their choice free with the purchase of a new Xbox One. The eligible hardware configurations include the system alone, with Kinect, or bundled with either Madden or Forza. The chosen game must be an already available disc-based title with a sale price up to $59.99.

The Xbox One has significantly lagged behind the PlayStation 4 in sales to date. Sony's system has topped Microsoft's on the NPD US retail sales charts for seven straight months, and last month was announced as having sold through 10 million units to customers. Microsoft's latest update was 5 million Xbox One units shipped as of mid-April. Since then, Microsoft rolled out the cheaper Kinect-less hardware package, which doubled sales month-over-month, but the company has yet to update its total sales figures.

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Paul Jace Merchandiser 3 years ago
This is an awesome deal for those who don't have an XBO yet, especially if they get a bundle that already has a game with it.
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Aaron Parkes n/a 3 years ago
Hello I'm from the UK, yes I would like offer please.
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Paul Jace Merchandiser 3 years ago
Interestingly this deal starts next week, appropriately timed for Destiny's launch week. It gives Microsoft a rare oppurtunity to one up Sony in the PR department. Sony has that slick white Destiny bundle also coming next week for $449 but Microsoft could advertise this deal as "buy an Xbox One for $399 and get Destiny for free". Considering the close association Destiny has with the PS4 with exclusive content this may be Microsoft's only chance to perhaps steal alittle bit of Sony's thunder with this title.

Based on the list of available stores taking part so far Target is the only one(that I've seen) that states Destiny is ineligible for the deal. Best Buy is fair game though and if you manage to get the Madden or Forza bundles you get two free games. I'm personally not interested in either but even as a digital code you could sell them for money to put towards something you actually want.
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Jeff Kleist Writer, Marketing, Licensing 3 years ago
It's definately an excellent monkey wrench. It's nice to see them fighting back in an effective manner for once.

I have a feeling both Destiny and this deal are going to get drowned out by the fervor over NHL 15 is likely to be the #1 story next week. I have a lot of people on my friends list planning next-gen upgrades to play NHL, WHICH CONSUMERS 3/4 of their game time on average, are now not doing so. Certainly this free game offer might help retain some of those people.

I think there is no better example of the 2015 problem. EA was obviously contractually obligated to ship a game , but why the NHL could not agree to a delay mystifies me, if one was ever attempted to be brokered. It's pretty obvious they got the thing running and are going to try to latch it, but so much is missing it might be spring, at which point they're looking at next-year's game
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