STALKER dev needs funding to complete sequel

GSC Game World "hopeful" of finishing game

STALKER developer GSC Game World has admitted it needs more funding to complete the sequel to the highly praised shooter.

Reports had suggested the company was struggling and likely to close down before Christmas, but yesterday the Kiev-based developer said via Facebook that the project was still in development.

However, according to a report by Edge, the company is seeking funding to finish the game, stating: "We are hopeful things turn out well eventually. The team really wants to see STALKER continue."

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Latest comments (5)

Luke Stephenson Designer 9 years ago
I'm throwing my money at my screen but nothing's happening!
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Pier Castonguay Programmer 9 years ago
Question is, a real sequel or just another reharsh of the same game for the fourth time?
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Wesley Williams Quality Assurance 9 years ago
Just get on Kickstarter, I'm sure once gaming sites hear about it, the money will come rolling in.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 9 years ago
^I was about to post this. Kickstarter seems to be the best choice for funding. Both a retail and digital version would be excellent (yeah, it'll cost a mint, but hey - the money's out there, it seems) and I'm sure the dev team can come up with soem awesome bonuses for high contributors...
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Daniele Azara Creative Director, Palzoun entertainment9 years ago
It really depends on what they want to do much money they need. Not shure if there are crowdfunding website with runs for millions of dollars. Ah, and Kickstarter is limited to US citizens.
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