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Four new EX villains designed by Katsuya Terada.

Legendary character designer Katsuya Terada has designed and illustrated four EX Villains that will have you ready to put three times the daily recommended dose of evil into all your Card Files!

Katsuya Terada may be best known in the Anime world as the character designer for BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE and best known in the video game world as one of the character designers for VIRTUA FIGHTER and TEKKEN 5. However, he's lent his intense style to a huge number of movies, games and comic book throughout the years, both in Japan and the United States. He's as a designer on the American live-action Hellboy and the Japanese Godzilla: Final Wars films, and worked on other design and illustration projects involving Cutey Honey, Devilman, Legend of Zelda, Hellboy and Iron Man.

Now, Katsuya Terada's dark imagination is about to influence your Card Files. Succumb to evil and bring a taste of darkness to your game!

-Each EX Pack contains both new cards for the respective Sphere, along with three other popular fixed cards, making it easy to get three of a kind. They are in the shop under EX CARDS, and will be available for two months.

-Also, be sure to check out our Spring Seasonal Event, with alternate Seasonal Artwork for some of your favorite cards. This is are best looking seasonal art yet, and you don’t have to do anything special to participate. Just log in and check out your cards to see what’s new! We’ve also added Spring Avatar accessories into the shop for a limited time.

-New week is a 5 of 7 event, which means if you play 5 of 7 days you get 5 point cards and a chance to win what every Iczer really wants when there are EX cards in the shop… cold hard cash! …er, I mean Gran.

-We have a NEW DEMO, designed to be fast, fun and help you learn the game.

If you found our last demo a little confusing, give it a try and you'll be

wrecking Iczers with the best of them!

-Don't forget the Beginner's Packs on sale now, 45 key cards for $5! The

fastest, cheapest way to reach the next level!

You can find all the info about EX:6 and see the trailer here:


Check out the details on Beginner's Packs here:



And, our DEMO LINK:


Main site:





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