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A Project

Background details on the upcoming FPS.

Minimum Requirement

CPU : Pentium4 2.0Ghz? Sempron 2600 or Higher

RAM : 512M or Higher

Graphic Card : Geforce2, Radeon 7000 or Higher

OS : WinXP, Vista

HDD Capacity : 3G or More

Recommended Requirement

CPU : Pentium4 3.0Ghz / Athlon or Higher

RAM :1G or Higher

Graphic Card : GeforceFX Series, RadeonX HD Series or Higher

OS : WinXP, Vista

HDD Capacity : 3G or More

Strong Game play Factors

- High graphics quality

- Stable game service and operation

- Excellent survey evaluation score of 80% (same result as CounterStrike) during Alpha Test Stage (Evaluation based on review of the game conducted with 1,000 gamers selected from a pool of over 10,000 FPS gamers based on their knowledge of 5 popular FPS games)

Genre Choice

- Game genre (FPS) most likely to commercially succeed

- For single game genre, FPS online games have the highest memberships and have limited competitive titles

- Most of gamers are knowledgeable of the FPS genre

NextepMedia, Inc’s Development Expertise in Asia

- Able to provide distribution services to Internet cafes which are the largest and most important marketing and retail distribution channels in China (and Korea).

- Partnerships with major portals in Korea. NextepMedia has formed alliances with 24 major portals which have a combined 5.8million unique visitors per day. In October, 2007, it formed alliance with the largest game portal, NetMarble. 3 of the portals are owned by Korea Telecom, Hanaro Telecom and Dacom, which have a combined 84.7% of the broadband market, allowing further means of accessing potential consumers and new business opportunities with the Telcos.

NextepMedia, Inc’s Website : www.nextepmedia.co.kr

NextepMedia, Inc’s Game test Website : www.aproject.co.kr

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