Dean Hall and Improbable have scrapped Ion

Neither DayZ creator nor SpatialOS firm working on space survival game

By James Batchelor

Slouching toward relevant video games

People respond differently to stress, says Brie Code. Design for it

By Brie Code

Nintendo and Sega set to Meet The Indies @ Rezzed

KISS, Rising Star, Curve, Premier PR and more will also sit down with creators on Thursday, March 30th

By GamesIndustry Staff

Indies: Top tips for when you meet publishers

Road to Rezzed: Jon Torrens discusses the best way to make an impression with future investors

By Jon Torrens

Animation veterans form The Nuttery Entertainment

New 'digital-first' studio announces first game, console and PC co-op title Whiskey 'n' Zombies

Motiga lays off 15 staff

Redundancies made to “reduce burn rate” ahead of launch on Arc, mostly from business and operations teams

By James Batchelor

“We want games to be as important to us as film and TV” - BAFTA

Arts charity details global ambitions as David Gardner steps in as VP

By Christopher Dring

Mo-cap specialist Xsens launches Indie Program

Cost of tech used in FIFA, LawBreakers and Hellblade will be slashed for small teams

Ark: Survival Evolved program will pay 15 modders $4k a month

Selection will be evaluated and refreshed each month, with best modders paid until their content is finished

By Matthew Handrahan

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